Uncharted 4: All Treasure Locations Guide (Chapters 1-11) (2022)

Throughout everything of Uncharted 4, gamers can acquire a complete of 109treasures which might be hidden in each nook of each chapter. Uncharted 4 chapters one by 11 include practically half of the entire quantity alone, end off at 52 treasures by the point gamers are midway completed with the sport. Finding each treasure inUncharted 4is a good way to play by the sport patiently, and discover every little thing that the newest entry within the collection has to supply.

After gamers end upUncharted 4, they’ll proceed onward to the growth,Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Furthermore, they’ll discover all treasure locations in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy as properly. Both Uncharted 4andUncharted: The Lost Legacyare a part of theUncharted: The Legacy of Thievesassortment that’s already out on PlayStation 4, and can be accessible on Jan. 28, 2022 for PlayStation 5 and PC.


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Finding each treasure in Uncharted 4will not reward gamers with something usable in-game, however there are three Trophies or Achievements tied to discovering treasures. Additionally, those that choose up a duplicate ofUncharted: The Legacy of Thievesfor the PC will, sadly, have to begin their whole journey over once more, together with discovering each treasure within the recreation. The excellent news is that gamers who choose up Uncharted Legacy of Thieves for PS5 can transfertheir save knowledge with the usage of the PlayStation Plus membership. All saved knowledge from theUncharted Legacy of Thievesassortment can efficiently be transferred by using the PlayStation Plus Cloud Storage characteristic included of their lively membership.

Uncharted 4: All Treasure Locations In Chapters 1-11

Uncharted 4: All Treasure Locations Guide (Chapters 1-11) (1)

The threeUncharted 4trophies which might be tied to the treasures are referred to as First Treasure, Treasure Hunter, and Treasure Master. Both First Treasure and Treasure Hunter may be earned by gathering each treasure inUncharted 4’schapters one by 11. First Treasure requires gamers to solely discover one treasure, whereas Treasure Hunter duties gamers with discovering 50 treasures inUncharted 4.To get the ultimate Achievementor Trophy in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, gamers will want to have the ability to discover and acquire all 109 trophies throughout the sport’s 22 chapters. Both the prologue and first chapter of Uncharted 4 haven’t any treasures to search out, so the precise treasure hunt would not being till chapter two.

Chapter Two

  • Panamanian Cat Pendant: After exiting the jail and reaching the realm with a properly and a workbench, climb down the properly and switch round to search out the primaryUncharted 4treasure.
  • Navaja Folding Knife: Climb by the window of the jail tower and switch proper to search out the Navaja Folding Knife beneath a pile of particles.

Chapter Three

  • Antique Padlock: From the start of the chapter, swim ahead to the log atop two rock peaks to have Uncharted’s Nathan Drake discover the Antique Padlock beneath the tree.
  • Chiriqui Shark Trinket: Continue swimming ahead, then flip left and swim down past the diagonal log. Follow the tunnel downstream to search out the Chiriqui Shark Trinket on the fitting.
  • Antique Pocketwatch: Swim downstream to the transport container, then flip proper towards by the seagrass to search out this treasure alongside the rock wall.
  • Antique Arcade Token: After reaching the deck of the ship, discover this treasure on the cabinets close to the elective dialog character.

Chapter Six

Uncharted 4: All Treasure Locations Guide (Chapters 1-11) (2)

Chapter six has greater than double the quantity of treasures that chapter three has inUncharted 4.

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  • Mughal Water Container: Following the dialog with Sam and ending up within the space with the property on the fitting, flip left to search out the Mughal Water Container on the fringe of the cliff.
  • Nephrite Brass Cup: After some extra of Uncharted 4’s realistic climbing, discover this treasure on the windowsill of the home within the lemon orchard.
  • Viking Cloak Clasp: Following the cutscene, head into the library to search out the Viking Cloak Clasp on the left desk below the portray.
  • Mother Of Pearl Horn: During the get together, stroll ahead and switch proper to move on the balcony to search out the Mother of Pearl Horn on the fitting finish.
  • Persian Bronze Bowl: Following the kitchen cutscene, flip left and stroll straight towards the wall with pipes to search out the Persian Bronze Bowlbehind the containers.
  • Brass Barber’s Bowl: After passing the room with armed guards, take the steps all the way in which down to search out this chapter six treasure location in Uncharted 4on the barrels.
  • Syrian Vase: After arriving within the courtyard, climb over the railing and proceed alongside the facet of the constructing to go across the nook. Climb up the later, after which atop the pipe. Continue alongside the fitting facet towards the windowsills again across the nook of the constructing, and onto the roof to search out the Syrian Vase.
  • Persian Candlestick: Climb the ladder after serving to Sam, then take the small bridge to crossover and climb atop the cross-architecture. Jump onto the balcony on the fitting and discover the Persian Candlestick.
  • Mughal Dagger: After the cutscene heading towards the facility room, bounce to the very first pole and drop right down to the subsequent. Swing throughout the ledge, transfer towards the ocean and drop off the ledge forward of Nate. Climb alongside the pillar to search out the ultimate chapter six treasure in Uncharted 4.

Chapter Eight

  • Redware and Silver Jug Flask: Once the chapter begins, head down the ledge and stroll ahead to search out this treasure behind a big boulder on the left.
  • Bronze Boar: From the earlier treasure, head downhill to the cliff and preserve left to search out the Bronze Boar in a cave.
  • Carved Wood Kashkul: Following the firefight, head to the ruins and keep on with the fitting facet towards the cliff edge. The Carved Wood Kashkul in is the bushes on the fitting.
  • Carved Nut Bottle: After climbing out of the ruins on the yellow crate, look downhill to the fitting to discover a cave with picket crates in entrance of it. Blow the crates as much as get this Uncharted 4 chapter eight treasure.
  • Traveling Inkwell With Seal: In the second space that requires climbing and sliding down the ruined towers, discover the Traveling Inkwell With Seal beneath contained in the damage.
  • Carved Ivory Vanitas: Climb up the wall to the left of the dormitory doorways and into the room above the doorways to search out this treasure on the base of a statue.
  • Scottish Ha’Penny: Facing the statues of Dismas, Gestas, and Jesus, flip left and proceed by the door. The Scottish Ha’Penny is across the subsequent left.
  • Slipjoint Clasp Knife: Following the radio dialog with Sully, head into the cave on the left beneath the Shorelines troopers. Once contained in the cave, undergo the tunnel on the fitting and proceed to comply with it left. Turn left on the skeleton to search out the Slipjoint Clasp Knife within the Uncharted Legacy of Thieves collection.
  • Pewter Singing Birdbox: After coping with the subsequent group of Shoreline troopers previous the primary cave, bounce to the cave on the fitting with grass and snow in entrance of it to search out thisUncharted 4treasure inside.
  • Tortoise Shell Snuff Box: After reaching the highest of the cliff with Sam’s assist, flip round and head off the sting as soon as extra. Continue climbing down and to the fitting to discover a damaged ladder with this treasure on the high of it.
  • Persian Tailoring Scissors: Hop throughout the picket beam to the steps after climbing above the deserted ship. Find the Persian Tailoring Scissors behind the second flight of stairs.

Chapter Nine

  • Lantern Mounted Flintlock: Leave the primary room and head towards the fitting towards the damaged bridge. Continue left from the bridge to achieve a small cave with this Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves treasure inside.
  • Strange Pendant: After talking with Sam, backtrack towards the facet path on the fitting uphill. Jump off the sting towards the grapple level, and switch round whereas swinging to discover a cave with the Strange Pendant within the possession of a skeleton.
  • Amatory Box: Turn round from the damaged bridge that Sam mentions, and drop off the sting to climb down and seize this treasure.
  • Pewter Box: After the cutscene with Nadine and Rafe, proceed till dropping down into the crypt. In the far proper nook is a small room with the Pewter Box.
  • Momento Mori Skull Watch: After reaching the damaged bridge from earlier, drop down the sting from the doorway to search out this treasure on the ledge beneath.
  • Scottish Tipstaff: Once the chasm has been crossed, discover the ultimate chapter 9 treasure within the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End game behind a basket to the fitting of the crate.

Chapter Ten

Uncharted 4: All Treasure Locations Guide (Chapters 1-11) (3)

There are15 treasures to search out in chapter ten ofUncharted 4.

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  • Sawasa Ware Tobacco Box: When Sully factors out the ruins, hop out of the 4×4 to climb the steps. Climb up the wall on the far facet of the plateau to search out this treasure.
  • Eroded Flintlock Pistol: After passing the second cairn, comply with the river upstream to the left to a small waterfall with a cave behind it. Go by the cave to search out one other one, then pull down the crate on the left use for a step onto the platform. Find the Eroded Flintlock Pistol on the barrel.
  • Mughal Ivory Powder Flask: After reaching the lone ruined tower with a single stable wall, climb the beams to the second flooring to search out this Uncharted Legacy of Thieves treasure on the crates.
  • Parchment Scroll: Find the Parchment Scroll on a crate behind ruins on the left facet of the street in between two lone timber.
  • Ancient Fertility Idol: Follow the street to a spot the place a u-turn is compelled, then get out of the automobile and head to the small cave on the high of the “u” on the hill. The treasure is on the within to the left.
  • Pocket Celestial Map: Following the struggle on the second tower, head throughout the bridge and proceed alongside the trail and up the hill. Keep going straight past the hill on the fitting to the ruined constructing, and climb up the second flooring to search out thisUncharted 4treasure.
  • English Ale Bottle: Immediately after coming into this space, flip left to the ruined constructing. Shoot the barrels to create a gap, then discover the subsequent Uncharted 4 treasure inside.
  • Pewter Letter Cylinder: At the start of the realm with the English Ale Bottle is a properly. Drop down into the properly, use the winch of the 4×4 to drag down the help, and comply with the brand new, quick path to search out the Pewter Letter Cylinder.
  • Antique Tea Tin: Looking up towards the volcano within the hill space with purple flowers, take the trail to the left towards the ruins. Deal with the Shoreline forces, then blow up the door of the constructing constructed into the hillside with dynamite to search out the Antique Tea Tin inside.
  • Mughal Box: From the identical begin location because the Antique Tea Tin, drive the 4×4 up the trail to the left of the damage entrance to achieve a totally offroad path resulting in a small damage with this Uncharted Legacy of Thieves treasure inside.
  • English Musket Bandolier: From the Mughal Box ruins, look towards the pillar of smoke on the tunnel on the underside proper facet. Go by the tunnel, defeat the Shoreline forces, and destroy the crimson barrels in the course of the ruins. Enter the brand new room to search out the English Musket Bandolier.
  • Two Pence Coin: Continuing up the trail, the Two Pence Coin is on high of the tower that’s nonethelessintact.
  • Scottish Snuff Mull: After winching the 4×4 up the muddy hill, cross the picket bridge towards Avery’s Tower. Continue up the steps on foot, flip left on the high and discover the Scottish Snuff Mull on high of the crates.
  • Brass And Ivory Tankard:After Sam runs forward within the underground passage, look left earlier than heading down the steps to have Nathan Drake find the next Uncharted 4 treasure behind the picket crates.
  • Muff Pistol: After grabbing the Brass and Ivory Tankard, seize the Muff Pistol from contained in the picket crates on the fitting facet of the room.

Chapter Eleven

  • Earthenware Mug: At the start of the chapter, head down the flight of stairs into the market. Take two lefts towards the staircase subsequent to the constructing with the inexperienced doorways, then proceed alongside the alleyway to search out the treasure.
  • “Antique” Compass: In the again of the market towards the tower is a butcher store, and to the fitting of the store is a vendor who may be haggled with till getting the “Antique” Compass.
  • Nephrite and Jade Bowl: After climbing into the primary room of the tower, go to the room on the left and have Nathan Drake find this Uncharted 4treasure close to the statue on the fitting.
  • Ivory Handle Dagger: Climb to the highest of the tower and attain the beam above the ultimate bell. Cross the beam to search out the Ivory Handle Dagger.
  • Brass Globe Hand Warmer: Following the cutscene, go across the room counterclockwise and discover the Brass Globe Hand Warmer amidst the particles.

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Uncharted 4 is obtainable for the PlayStation 4, and can be a part of theUncharted: The Legacy Of Thievesassortment accessible for the PlayStation 5 and PC on Jan. 28, 2022.

Uncharted 4: All Treasure Locations Guide (Chapters 1-11) (4)

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