[Top 10] Empires and Puzzles Best Tanks (2022)

Think, tank!

One of the most crucial roles in any lineup, Tanks are those heroes you deliberately put in the center to soak up most of the damage, allowing others to freely take down the enemies. More than just behemoths in terms of defense and health points, however, most tanks in Empires and Puzzles also have other skills, making killing them - and the team they’re protecting - far from being a walk in the park.

Here are the Top 10 Empires and Puzzles Best Tanks, particularly from Seasons 1-4 - meaning you have more opportunities to pull them every month if you’re lucky!

10. Justice
[Top 10] Empires and Puzzles Best Tanks (1)

Worth her name in gold.

Justice has all the markings of a classic Tank: high defense and high HP, as well as being a Paladin who has a chance to acquire increased defenses after taking damage. However, her offensive ability, Right of Judgment, is nothing to sneeze at: up to 285% damage to all enemies and -40% accuracy for 4 turns! That makes all the inflicted enemies miss their targets often, which would help ensure Justice’s team’s longevity.

As a Holy hero, Justice is only weak to Dark heroes, except she’s strong against them, too. Lastly, Justice is one of the Legendary Heroes available via Summons Portal or through Hero Academy, making pulling her relatively easy. She might be one of the “old” models, but she can still shine amidst the newer ones!

What Makes Justice a Great Tank:

  • Deals up to 285% damage and -40% accuracy to all enemies
  • Only weak to Dark Heroes, which she is also strong against
  • Relatively one of the easiest 5*s to acquire

9. Azlar
[Top 10] Empires and Puzzles Best Tanks (2)

(Video) Top 15 Tank Heroes in Empires & Puzzles |Top Heroes|

Here, kitty!

For a tank, Azlar’s defense might be a bit on the lower side. However, he’s also a character you want to get hit repeatedly, as it enables him to unleash his Volcanic Eruption a whole lot sooner! His Special Skill hurts with its 205% damage to all enemies as well as its 360 damage over a lengthy 6 turns. Run him in Rush Attack Tournaments and Wars, and he’ll make sure his enemies can’t ever recover from their massive burns.

Like Justice, Azlar is also relatively easy to get through Summons Portal or Hero Academy as compared to the other heroes in this list. Max him soon as you can, and you’ll be the one purring afterward.

What Makes Azlar a Great Tank:

  • Deals damage to and burns all enemies
  • Great to use during Rush Attack Tournaments and Wars
  • Relatively one of the easiest 5*s to acquire

8. Ariel
[Top 10] Empires and Puzzles Best Tanks (3)
Wish we could be part of her world.

Using Healers as Tanks is definitely something players in this game can opt to do, as activating their Special Skill basically undoes all the damage the enemies have given them - and then some. Why not use one of the best healers there is for that purpose? Ariel’s Divine Protection does everything you want a healer to do: not only does she recover 40% health, but she also gives everyone +24% mana generation, too!

Lastly, Ariel cleanses nasty status ailments from all allies, which often comes with other heroes’ Special Skills. She’ll save you from swimming with the fishes, that’s for sure.

What Makes Ariel a Great Tank:

  • Can recover 40% health
  • Gives all allies +24% mana generation for 4 turns
  • Cleanses status ailments from all allies

7. Ursena

[Top 10] Empires and Puzzles Best Tanks (4)

She isn't playing around!

(Video) Top 10 Tank Heroes - Empires & Puzzles |TOP HEROES|

We all know what the antagonistic relationship between Dark and Holy heroes in this game is - and Ursena ups that war by several notches. Her Depth Blast, while hitting all enemies, is especially devastating to use against a Holy hero as it deals extra damage against them. However, if they’re not a Holy hero but have more than 50% health, the 130% damage is doubled to 260%!

Ursena’s skill also protects her team by making them reflect all status effects to the attacker with an added 115% damage. Use her against a team with a Holy hero, and they’ll be praying for mercy in no time.

What Makes Ursena a Great Tank:

  • Special Skill hits all enemies and can inflict higher damage depending on their health
  • Makes her team reflect all status effects to the attacker with an added 115% damage
  • Fantastic to use against Holy heroes

6. Costume Kadilen

[Top 10] Empires and Puzzles Best Tanks (5)

The better to hear the enemy approach!

A Fast Heroine who can hit all enemies? Sign us up, please! Except that’s not all Costume Kadilen offers. Her specialty lies in her Crescent Shield giving the team a+45% chance to dodge Special Skills for 3 turns. Dodging means they won’t get affected by whatever effects are in that attack too, and gives them a Thorn Minion for each successful dodge as well!

In addition, her costume gives her regular counterpart increased stats (health, defense, attack, and mana). Whether you use that one or Kadilen’s flashier self is up to you - you won’t regret utilizing either one.

What Makes Costume Kadilen a Great Tank:

  • Fast heroine that deals damage to all enemies
  • Gives all allies +45% chance to dodge Special Skills
  • Permanent stat bonuses acquired from costume

5. Costume Richard
[Top 10] Empires and Puzzles Best Tanks (6)
Age is just a number, you know.

Not all Tanks are built just to protect their team; some can also give as much damage as they receive. Just ask Costume Richard, whose Cloud Axe can deal a whopping 435% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies. This is a death sentence to more fragile heroes, especially Fire ones!

(Video) Top 10 Tank Heroes V2.0 - Empires & Puzzles |TOP HEROES|

In addition, his Special Skill gives them a -34% attack for 4 turns, taking their ability to hurt Richard’s team down several pegs. As a bonus, his costume gives his regular counterpart permanently increased stats along health, defense, attack, and mana - making this Ice hero way cooler than he has any right to be.

What Makes Costume Richard a Great Tank:

  • Deals substantial damage (435%) to the target
  • Gives target and nearby enemies -34% attack for 4 turns
  • Permanent stat bonuses acquired from costume

4. Bera

[Top 10] Empires and Puzzles Best Tanks (7)

Tiny but mighty!

Minion summoners are a pain in this game and few are more annoying than those who can summon them without mercy - like this little lady over here. And she’s a Fast heroine to boot! Bera’s Moth Minions are quite sturdy as they inherit 20% HP and 20% attack from her. Beef her up defensively and you’ll be sure her minions will be quite hard to get rid of, making killing her an almost impossible feat!
What’s more, each hit from the moths inflicts Poison over 3 turns as well as renders enemies unable to summon minions - making pitting her against other summoners a walk in the park, should she unleash her Special Skill first. Lastly, she’s a Dark Hero; she’s only weak to the element she’s also strong against. That makes her pretty deadly in our opinion!

What Makes Bera a Great Tank:

  • Fast minion summoner
  • Minions inflict poison and won’t allow enemies to summon minions
  • Only weak to the element she’s strong against

3. Freya
[Top 10] Empires and Puzzles Best Tanks (8)

I'll get you, my pretty!

As if Bera isn’t annoying enough, here comes another Fast Minion summoner with different skills from hers. Freya’s Raven Minions initially get 20% health and 20% attack when first summoned - but get more of them, and they’ll be given a +120% attack boost. It’s like having beefed up tiny attackers in the field all under Freya’s command!

Ravens’ Vigil also grants +30% defense to all allies for 4 turns. Use Freya as a Tank and this defense buff will often be present and protecting Freya’s team - unless you dispel it and take her down hard and fast. Good luck using Holy heroes though, as she’s strong against them! Seriously, good luck going against her in general - you’ll need it.

(Video) Best Special Tanks in Empires and Puzzles

What Makes Freya a Great Tank:

  • Fast Summoner whose Raven Minions can acquire +120% attack boost
  • Special Skill gives all allies +30% defense for 4 turns
  • Only weak to the element she’s strong against

2. Prof. Lidenbrock
[Top 10] Empires and Puzzles Best Tanks (9)

Off to the adventure of our lives!

For all the things Prof. Lidenbrock can do as a Healing Tank, we sure are glad she’s a Slow Hero! Encountering a team with her as a Tank can be a very annoying experience, considering her Glorious Grace can cleanse status ailments and boost the health of all her allies by 200. But wait, there’s more: they also regenerate 600 boosted health over 4 turns, which resets if the target gets status ailments! It’s insane just how much healing she can do!

Lastly, as a Holy hero she’s only weak to Dark ones - although considering she can basically make herself and her team immortal, it’ll take a lot of effort from the enemies’ side to take her down. That’s Prof. Lidenbrock for you!

What Makes Prof. Lidenbrock a Great Tank:

  • Cleanses status ailments from all allies
  • Can boost health up to 800 for possibly more than 4 turns, if it resets
  • Only weak to Dark heroes, which she’s strong against

1. Heimdall
[Top 10] Empires and Puzzles Best Tanks (10)

You horned?

Now Heimdall is a hero you’d definitely want protecting your team at all times. As a healing tank, he’s a beast - his Boon of Gjallarhorn boosts the health of all allies by 500 and gives them that sweet, sweet +30% attack for 4 turns, making them live longer and have stronger attacks to take down enemies quicker.

Of course, that’s not all as Heimdall is also a reviver; leave him alive long enough and he can revive every ally the enemies have already killed - assuming they can get past his mighty defenses, of course! All hail the mighty Heimdall!

What Makes Heimdall a Great Tank:

(Video) 5 Best Regular Tanks in Empires and Puzzles & bonus tank

  • Boosts all allies’ health by 500
  • Gives all allies +30% attack for 4 turns
  • Gives all fallen allies a 20% chance to get revived.

Those are the Top 10 Best Tanks in Empires and Puzzles! Pay hard (or pray harder!) and you might just pull them next time they’re available. Good luck!

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Who are the best tanks in Empires and Puzzles? ›

Poll Results (Best Empires & Puzzles Tanks)
  • Ludwig.
  • Bastet.
  • C. Freya.
  • Miriam & Midnight.
  • Hulda.
  • Krampus.
  • Diaochan.
  • Xnolphod.
6 Nov 2022

Who is the strongest character in Empires and Puzzles? ›

#1🥇 Mother North! (Empires and Puzzles)

Is justice a good tank? ›

Justice is, in my opinion, an objectively better tank than Kasshrek. She does some damage and inflicts a rather nasty status ailment with her special. Kasshrek just stalls until your other heroes can fire. If you have the hitters around him, he's not bad, but Justice is a bigger threat herself.

What are the tank heroes in Empires and Puzzles? ›

Traditional examples of quality tanks used Boril, Kashhrek and Justice. These heroes are iconic tanks because they have more than just high defense and health, but they also bring a strong glow from the team or debuff from the enemy team as well.

What race is best for tank? ›

The Best Races For Tanks In ESO. The best race currently for Tanking in The Elder Scrolls Online is Nord or Imperial. Both Races have strong tank-focused passives including increased Health, Stamina, Mitigation, Sustain and Utility.

What is the best tank in wow? ›

Full Tank Class Rankings
  • 4.1.1. Protection Warrior.
  • 4.2.1. Vengeance Demon Hunter.
  • 4.3.1. Blood Death Knight.
  • 4.3.2. Guardian Druid.
  • 4.4.1. Protection Paladin.
17 Nov 2022

Who is the strongest game character ever? ›

Kratos is often considered to be the strongest video game character due to his kill count of gods. He successfully killed the entire Greek pantheon.

Which character has the most strength? ›

1. The Incredible Hulk. He's beaten up gods and left entire teams of superheroes in the dust. "Hulk is the strongest one there is." It's kind of hard to argue against a character whose whole thing is punching things really hard.

Who is the best 4 star in Empires and Puzzles? ›

#1 Costumed Rigard (4-Star Review Empires and Puzzles)

All allies regenerate 609 HP over 3 turns. 2. All allies get +48% attack for 3 turns.

Is blood death knight a good tank? ›

Blood DK (BDK) is by far the most reactive tank out of all the classes to choose from. Our main bread and butter Death Strike allows us to heal a portion of the damage that was recently inflicted on us. Additionally, BDK has a wide variety of cooldowns.

What is the most legendary tank? ›

M1 Abrams Tank

The legendary M1 Abrams main battle tank is a gas-guzzling, sabot-throwing, and armor decimating beast. Its turbine engines produce massive amounts of power that allow it to hurtle across the battlefield at over 40 mph despite its 68-ton weight.

What stats do I need to tank Kara? ›

The minimum tanking requirements for Karazhan (literally, for stepping in the door and tanking Attumen) are 490 defense, 12k health and armor.

What is the best tank in Wrath? ›

Protection Paladins are the absolute best tanks for all of Wrath, without exception. Paladins in general are considered to be the overall winners of Wrath, and for good reason.

Who is the legendary secret hero Empires and Puzzles? ›

Myztero is the secret hero in the Tavern of Legends Summon. At a 0.1% chance of getting him, Myztero is 10 times harder to get than a Legendary Hero at the Tavern summons.

What is the best class to tank with? ›

Full Tank Class Rankings
  • 3.1. Blood Death Knight.
  • 3.1. Brewmaster Monk.
  • 3.2. Protection Paladin.
  • 3.2. Guardian Druid.
  • 3.2. Vengeance Demon Hunter.
  • 3.2. Protection Warrior.

Are tanks harder than healers? ›

The difficulty with being the healer is that you have to clean-up after tank or dps misplay thta results in their health bars dropping. Whereas a tank has a lot more direct control over how much damage the entire group is subjected to. Healer is more reactionary, I think.

Which tank is easiest to play? ›

Simple but incredibly effective, the guardian druid provides great value as a tank given how simple it is to play. If it's your first time tanking, then we recommend guardian druids as the best tank for beginners.

Is Tanking hard WoW? ›

A common misconception about tanking is that it is the most difficult role to perform, and should therefore not be attempted by new players. This is not the case; while tanking does demand a lot of up-front knowledge, it mechanically is quite simple to execute.

Why is dragonknight the best tank? ›

Dragonknights are by far the most popular tanking class. Naturally because of their skills and passives Dragonknights are just truly made for tanking. They have a lot of good shields that they can apply to themselves and the group which helps with survival.

Are Demon Hunter tanks good? ›

Vengeance Demon Hunter excels at self-healing, they might take a lot of damage but because of their self-sustain, they usually require less attention from healers than other tanks. They also bring Chaos Brand, which is a must-have in raids.

Who is the most badass character in gaming history? ›

The 12 most badass video game characters of all time, ranked: Lara Croft, Luigi and gaming's greatest hardnuts
  5. DR. ...
7 Feb 2016

Who is the strongest game villain? ›

The 30 Most Powerful Video Game Villains Ever, Officially Ranked
  • Mewtwo. Within the world of Pokémon, Mewtwo isn't necessarily a “villain,” per se. ...
  • Wesker. Albert Wesker has gone through a multitude of alterations during his tenure of big time bad guy in Resident Evil. ...
  • Sigma. ...
  • Dr. ...
  • Void Termina. ...
  • Mother Brain. ...
  • Andross. ...
  • Ganon.
11 May 2019

Who can beat one above all? ›

No one ever. The One Above All is in highest position in the marvel power scale. It is literally in his name.

Who is physically stronger than Hulk? ›

17. Apocalypse. Apocalypse makes his way into this position on the list because he is technically stronger than the Hulk. He also has a multitude of other abilities, including telepathy, telekinesis, and shapeshifting.

Who is the best aoe3 player? ›

Top Players of 2016 for Age of Empires III
Player ID% of Total
8 more rows

Who should I limit break Empires and Puzzles? ›

Kara is probably the best out of the bunch, as she performs really well in pretty much every aspect of the game. You can even use her against titans, because she gives that attack buff and a taunt so titan will only hit her.

Are Redguards good tanks? ›

S - Redguard

Great class for Beginner Tanking and possibly the best Race for sustain. Weapon Ability Cost is nice to bring the cost down on Pulsar, Elemental Blockade, Pierce Armor and other weapon skills you may use. This works great when you end up using skills Power Bash to proc the Void Bash set.

Was Frost DK a tank? ›

Frost Death Knight Tanks are the best off tanks in P1 due to the low Damage Taken Per Second, and large number of Trash packs spread out just enough to allow Howling Blast every pack. They however lack the multiple cooldowns, self sustain, and the busted Will of the Necropolis to compete with Blood as Main Tanks.

Can you dual wield as Blood DK? ›

No, dual wield blood dk tank is not even a viable option. You tank with a 2hander because it provides more more stamina(but you dont stack stamina anymore you may say, does not matter its still useful). Ideally the secondary stat will be mastery on it.

Which one is the best tank? ›

The top ten tanks today are the German KF51 Panther, the American Abrams M1A2, the Russian T-14 Armata, the Korean K2 Black Panther, the Chinese T-99, the German Leopard 2, the French Leclerc XL, the British Challenger 2, the Israeli Merkava V, and the Japanese Type-90.

What is the best tank ever? ›

The M1A2 Abrams, with all its upgrades, has to be considered the best tank compared to the Leopard and the Black Panther. To be sure, as a US-based publication, we could be biased. But no other tank has been so battle-tested and seen as a top-notch force multiplier in combat like the formidable Abrams.

What is the weakest tank in the world? ›

The Bob Semple tank (sometimes referred to as Big Bob) was a light tank designed by New Zealand Minister of Works Bob Semple during World War II. Originating out of the need to build military hardware from available materials, the tank was built from corrugated iron on a tractor base.

What is the fastest tank? ›

More than 3,000 were produced and used as a reconnaissance vehicle or a light tank. It holds the Guinness world record for the fastest production tank; recorded doing 82.23 km/h (51.10 mph) at the QinetiQ vehicle test track, Chertsey, Surrey, on 26 January 2002.
FV101 Scorpion
Maximum speed72.5 km/h (45.0 mph)
26 more rows

What is the fastest battle tank? ›

M1A1 is able to reach about 100km/h on the hard road after removing the engine (gas turbine) limiter, but this ability is more or less useles in combat enviroment.

What is the main battle tank? ›

The main battle tank (MBT) refers to a design concept that consists of an armoured vehicle that provides direct fire and manoeuvrability. Often heavily armoured, the MBT has remained integral to ground force doctrine for the last half-century.

Do I need to be Uncrushable to tank Kara? ›

No you do not need to be uncrushable for Kara even main tanking you dont need to be.

How much hit do I need for Karazhan? ›

You'll have some elitists tell you not to bother going to Kara with anything short of 900 spell damage, capped spell hit, and improbably large genitals. Ignore these people. I'd say a good number to shoot for is 600 for the early stages of Kara. If you're much lower than this, your DPS might not cut it.

How much DPS do you need for Kara? ›

Post by Celdhyrean. I would say around 500 as a minimum for everyone as it's easy to attain in green/blue gear (though mana classes may not be able to sustain it for the longer fights, it's still a good basis).

What is a good sword for tank? ›

The Wither Cloak Sword gives 250 ❈ Defense. Its ability is also very useful to tanks, as it can grant temporary immunity to damage.

What is the fastest way to level up in Empires and Puzzles? ›

I generally use my World Energy in this order to level up faster:
  1. Complete available Quests.
  2. If Quests are done and a Wanted Mission (Monsters) is available, farm 13-6 for monsters.
  3. If no available Quests or Wanted Missions are available, farm 8-7 for recruits.
19 Jul 2018

How many teams should you have in Empires and Puzzles? ›

You need 6 war teams, a good 3 star team for the challenge, and then enough heroes for colour stacking.

What is the best tank in Wrath of the Lich King? ›

Protection Paladins are the absolute best tanks for all of Wrath, without exception. Paladins in general are considered to be the overall winners of Wrath, and for good reason.

Who is the Tankiest champion in the game? ›

Still, Riot does what Riot does – messes up the game consistently. At any rate, Tanks are a reality with which we will have to face, and if you can't beat them – join them. I've compiled the 10 Tankiest Champions in Season 12 of League of Legends in this list.
  • Tahm Kench. ...
  • Dr. ...
  • Malphite. ...
  • Sion. ...
  • Maokai. ...
  • Cho'Gath. ...
  • Darius. ...
  • Ornn.
28 Mar 2022

Is Darius good vs tanks? ›

Specifically, he should be picked as a counter to enemy tanks. His powerful laning phase makes it difficult for even the best players in the world to farm and scale. The strengths of Darius make him a seemingly strong counter-pick option.

Is tanking or healing harder? ›

Healing in raids is honestly harder as most raid tanking is simple as can be thou your mess ups are vary noticeable healers can norm hide a bit with the others covering but first role to get cut when you got low dps is healers making it harder to hide and harder to heal.

Is necromancer tank good? ›

The Necromancer has a very strong tanking toolkit, especially thanks to the Bone Tyrant skill-line. Beckoning Armor is a nice ability to pull in ranged targets without paying too much attention to them.

Is Junker Queen DPS or tank? ›

Junker Queen is an aggressive DPS

Blizzard might call her a tank, but she's essentially just a heavy-hitting, slow DPS character.

What champion has the most Pentakills? ›

Which Champions Are Easiest to Get Pentakills With?
  • Samira - .018 pentas per game.
  • Master Yi - .018 pentas per game.
  • Katarina - .015 pentas per game.
1 Sept 2022

Is ORNN a good tank? ›

Ornn is strong during all phases of a League game but truly shines as a teamfight-dominating, nearly unkillable late-game tank.

Who wins Darius or sett? ›

Sett wins against Darius 49.16% of the time which is 1.38% higher against Darius than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Sett wins against Darius 0.47% more often than would be expected. Below is a detailed breakdown of the Sett build & runes against Darius.

Is riven stronger than Darius? ›

Riven wins against Darius 50.31% of the time which is 2.23% higher against Darius than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Riven wins against Darius 0.47% more often than would be expected.

Can Darius beat Katarina? ›

Darius vs Katarina Build

Darius wins against Katarina 49.94% of the time which is 1.18% higher against Katarina than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Darius wins against Katarina 0.13% more often than would be expected.

Is Templar good for tanking? ›

In 4-person content Templar Tanks are actually really strong and they are good at Tanking along with supplying additional group healing and support. They don't have buffs and benefits as strong as the Dragonknight or Warden and they have this additional passive option to provide some group healing.

Is a paladin or fighter a better tank? ›

Both can do solo and tank. The gf (fighter) is much better at dps and makes live easier in campaign side. The paladin however has an amazing heal option. Both can tank all content.

Is warrior or paladin a better tank? ›

Pally tanking is mindless. Lay down conc, holy shield, win. Warriors take much more finesse to be good at and requires a much better attention span and constant ability use. Druids aren't quite as mindless as pallies but don't require as much finesse as warriors.


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