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Sight Words Printables & Activities - The Homeschool Daily (1)

Learning sight words is just a bridge that one must face on the road to reading. Why sight words? Sight words are usually words that readers can not sound out. For example, the word “said” phonetically sounds like “sed.” Sight words are also referred to as high frequency words since they appear so often in the English language. Your emerging reader will likely become frustrated when starting to read unless they become familiar with sight words. Our FREE Sight Words Printables & Activities will help get your reader headed in the right direction!

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What to know before teaching sight words...

Learning sight words is one piece of the reading pie. Always start with phonics first and then add sight words into the mix. Memorizing sight words will make for a quicker reader initially, but failure to learn phonics will cause problems as you progress. As your child tackles sight words, you will notice that not all sight words are the same. Some sight words can be sounded out. When you can sound it out, do so. Use these FREE Sight words Printables & Activities to strengthen your reader’s foundation.

1st 100 Fry Sight Words Printable List

Print Fry’s First 100 Sight Words List. A list of the words is helpful when creating your own flashcards with index cards.


1st 100 Fry Sight Words Flashcards

It is super simple to make your own flashcards. Whether you make handwritten flashcards or print them, they can be beneficial and effective in your homeschool. Flashcards can be used in various ways. To download these FREE Sight Words Flashcards and read about the many ways to use them, visit DOWNLOAD 1st 100 Fry Sight Words Flashcards!

1st 50 Fry Sight Words Slideshow

This slideshow is a simple yet functional tool to use in a classroom setting or if sitting down with your own student. Each slide features one of the first 50 Fry Sight Words in easy to read black font. Use this slideshow like flashcards. Read them to your child or students and have them recite it back to you. Repetition! Happy learning!

(Video) Sight Words Level 1 - Preschool & Kindergarten Reading | Rock 'N Learn


1st 51-100 Fry Sight Words Slideshow

This slideshow is the follow-up to the 1st 1-50 Fry Sight Words. Even though 50 seems like a lot, it is still doable. Just click through each slide reading the sight word to the child. Have the child say the word back to you before moving onto the next word. You can do this pretty quickly. It isn’t how slow or fast you review them, it is how often. Repetition!


Sight Words Sentences Worksheet Set

Our Sight Words Sentences Worksheet Set has 22 worksheets. Out of all of the Sight Words Printables, this one is my favorite! This is an easy way to reinforce sight word recognition, writing skills, and reading readiness. The whole set covers the first 100 sight words and is my favorite of the SIGHT WORDS PRINTABLES & ACTIVITIES! DOWNLOAD our Sight Words Sentences Worksheet Set here.

Printable Emergent Readers featuring Sight Words

Sight Words Printables & Activities - The Homeschool Daily (5)

Printable Emergent Readers tie sight words and phonics into reading. These books feature high frequency words and phonic friendly words. Emergent readers can be printed easily to create hand held sized booklets. Many of the booklets encourage your child to find or color their book certain colors. These book are just one more way to get your child learning and thinking about sight words. Check out our collection of FREE PRINTABLE EMERGENT READERS!

Read - Build - Write Activity Sheets

(Video) Ideas for Teaching Sight Words

Read-Build-Write Sheets are classics. In the “Read” box, write the sight word that you want to focus on. For example, write “the.” In the “Build” box, the student will use magnetic letters, stamps, or scrabble letters to build the word. Lastly, the student will write “the” in the Write box.

Sight Words Printables & Activities - The Homeschool Daily (7)

Another option for the “Build” box is to give your child cut-out pieces of construction paper with the letters from the word written on each piece. They glue the letters in order to build the word. For us, this is the easiest option.


Build a Sight Word

For my youngest learners, I use the homemade version of READ and BUILD. All you need is large (small would probably work) index cards, a stick glue, and a marker. First, write the sight word you want to focus on in large clear writing using a marker. We wrote ours on construction paper to give it a pop of color. Next, cut the letters out individually.

Sight Words Printables & Activities - The Homeschool Daily (8)

Then have your student build the word using the letters available. Depending on the ability of my student, I may ask them to glue the “t” or the letter that makes the “t” sound. After the child has built the sight word, he can write the sight word on the back of the card.

Set of Finding Nemo Sight Word Cards

There are 63 high-frequency words in this set of sight word cards. I made these years ago to coincide with an ocean-themed unit we did. We ended up using them as a game for our toddler. We glued blue construction paper around a coffee can and then wrote the words, “Fish live in water” on the outside of the can. Next, I cut a slit in the top of the can which allowed our toddler to put the cards in the slot, but not before I read the words to her. My older ones had to pick out the card I called out and put it in the can. Just an idea!


(Video) Meet the Sight Words - Level 1 (FREE) | Preschool Prep Company

Sight Words Activities with LEGO Building

Sight Words Printables & Activities - The Homeschool Daily (10)

Use Legos to build words! My daughter and I sat the other day building different words… cat, sat, fat, wet, pet, and so forth! Legos are familiar to her so it was an easy transition from playtime to learning time!

Check out our other Learning with Legos activities!Happy Lego learning!

Sight Word YouTube Videos

Preschool Prep offers their Level 1 Sight Words for free on YouTube. Sight words are memorized since they can not be phonetically sounded out. My kids don’t necessarily sit in front of the television watching these videos from beginning to end, but I often play the DVD while they play with their toys. Their attention may go in and out, but I do believe that the more repetition the better. Worth checking out!

From Sight Words to Reading

Memorizing sight words will be relatively easy to some, while other children may need more repetition. Don’t fret. Just keep working on them and eventually one day it will click. It is amazing to see it when it happens. Continue to work the phonics, sight words, and emergent readers. There are thousands of free resources to choose. Pick the ones that resonate with you and stick with them.Being consistent is the best thing you can do for your reader. Be encouraged. Everyone learns to read at different stages. To learn more about the steps we take in tackling learning to read, check out Teach Your Child to Read.

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Sound Out A Word

(Video) 300 Sight Words for Kids! (Learn High Frequency Words)

This 2-page set can be used to help your child sound out a simple word and spell it. You can print the sheets out for one time use or laminate them and create wipe and write practice sheets. Happy learning!

Download PDF

Phonetic Words Cut & Paste Activity Sheet

These activity sheets are fun for preschoolers and kindergarten students. The pictures are the perfect size for little hands to cut out. Students, with the help of their teacher, will phonetically sound out the words and then find the corresponding picture that matches. Then the student will glue the pictures above the correct word.Download here.Happy learning!

Fry Sight Words Lists - Flashcards - Games

Sight Words Printables & Activities - The Homeschool Daily (14)

You really need to check out this site, It features all of the Fry Sight Word Lists, flashcards, sight word games, and even a video that features a how-to-teach sight words. Very informative and useful. Happy learning!

More Free Homeschool Resources

(Video) New Sight Words 1 | Sight Words Kindergarten | High Frequency Words | Jump Out Words | Jack Hartmann


What activities can you do with sight words? ›

Try these 10 fun active learning games to help your child learn sight words and more!
  • Egg Hunt. Just in time for spring! ...
  • Read An Interactive Book! ...
  • Sight Word Smash-Up. ...
  • Sight Word Bingo. ...
  • Word Walk. ...
  • Spot the Word. ...
  • Sight Word Attack. ...
  • Magic Reveal!
3 Mar 2017

How do you make sight words fun at home? ›

Tape words on the wall or ceiling. Use the flashlight to shine on the word, then have your child read it. Go Fish: With a duplicate set of word cards play “Go Fish.” You can easily make your own cards out of index cards. Stepping Stones: Place the word cards on the floor, making a fun stream going across the room.

What is the fastest way to teach sight words? ›

5 Tips for teaching sight words
  1. Look for them in books. Draw a child's attention to a word by looking for it in children's books. ...
  2. Hang them around the classroom. ...
  3. Help children use them. ...
  4. Re-visit them regularly. ...
  5. Introduce an online typing course.

What is a fun way to teach sight words? ›

Sight Word Activities for Practicing Words
  • Find and swat words. An oldie but such a goodie. ...
  • Flip word pancakes. ...
  • Wear heart word bracelets. ...
  • Search for sight word balls. ...
  • Start a sight word band. ...
  • Drive on a sight word path. ...
  • Use sticky notes to inspire sight word sentences. ...
  • Write words on a sensory bag.
11 Aug 2022

How to make sight word games? ›

Write sight words on picture memory cards. OR cut index cards in half and write each sight word you want to use on two different cards. When students flip their two cards over, they must read the sight words. If they make a match, they get to keep the cards.

Do flashcards work for sight words? ›

When used in the right ways, they can really help beginning readers achieve sight word mastery and reading fluency. These sight word flashcard drills are research proven and teacher approved. Reading sight words quickly is a foundational skill for reading.

How to make the learning of sight words enjoyable for children? ›

Stamp a Sight Word

My kids LOVE to play with stamps. The novelty of getting to use stamps and ink keeps them interested in their word work. Create a written list of the words your child is working on, and then using a set of alphabet stamps, have your child stamp each word, letter by letter.

How do you teach sight words without flashcards? ›

After reading a book, have your student go on a “sight word” hunt for specific words. Once they find the word, students can read the sentence it belongs to. Alternatively, you can have students keep a tab of the words they've found by writing them on a sheet of paper or in a sight word journal.

What is the best order to teach sight words? ›

A: There is no one set prescribed order to teach sight words. Some teachers and parents teach the sight words from the Dolch or Fry lists in alphabetical order. Others use the lists and create their own order. Consider using the Frequency Fry List that has words ranked by the frequency of use for reading and writing.

What are the three rules of sight-reading? ›

Sight-reading is reading at sight, not practicing at sight.
The three sacred rules of sight-reading are:
  • Total concentration.
  • Looking ahead.
  • No stopping.

How many sight words should you teach at a time? ›

Teach 10 Words at Time

Research shows that students memorize sight words more efficiently when working on 10 words at one time. In my classroom, I choose 10 words to work on for two weeks. All are introduced together and practice each day.

What are the five steps to sight reading? ›

5 Steps to Sight Reading Sheet Music
  1. Get your materials ready. ...
  2. Highlight all the accidentals. ...
  3. Mark the rhythms that seem difficult. ...
  4. Scan over the whole piece before you play. ...
  5. Read the music in your head first.
10 Dec 2012

What are the 52 sight words? ›

all, am, are, at, ate, be, black, brown, but, came, did, do, eat, four, get, good, have, he, into, like, must, new, no, now, on, our, out, please, pretty, ran, ride, saw, say, she, so, soon, that, there, they, this, too, under, want, was, well, went, what, white, who, will, with, yes.

What is sight word bingo? ›

1. Overview. Sight Words Bingo is our most popular sight words game. It takes the traditional Bingo game and replaces the numbers with words, motivating the child to read the sight words so they can play (and win!) the game.

How do you teach a child who is struggling to read? ›

How to Help a Child Struggling With Reading
  1. Don't wait to get your child reading help she's behind.
  2. Try to read to your child for a few minutes daily.
  3. Help your child choose books at her reading level.
  4. Consider checking out books on tape.
  5. Create a reader-friendly home by monitoring screen-time.
31 Jan 2022

Is there a sight word app? ›

Sight Words is a learning app that uses flash cards, sight word games, and creative Dolch lists to teach children vocabulary, phonics, reading skills, and more.

Is sight word Book printable? ›

Each sight word contains 3 sets of printable booklets. You can download the readers for free on the colored buttons below, or you can save time and buy them in a bundle HERE. Printing Directions: Print the pages on paper.

How do you make flashcards for sight words? ›

  1. First, select the sight word list(s) you wish to use. ...
  2. Under Custom Sight Words, enter in any custom words you want included in your set of Flash Cards. ...
  3. Click Create Flash Cards, and your cards will be created and displayed onscreen in PDF format.

Should sight words have pictures? ›

Highlights. High-frequency sight words are valuable for early readers to learn and the focus of much research. While promising, in most past work words embedded with pictures show no advantage over text alone. Our study presents and validates an embedded words method that is more effective than text alone.

When should you not use flashcards? ›

Wrong subject: Flashcards are not the most effective study technique for complicated subject matter, concepts involving hierarchies, anything that requires a two-page flowchart, or subjects that are mired in debate and/or opinion.

Does Khan Academy teach sight words? ›

Come learn sight words with us in the Khan Academy Kids app! Sight words are key to developing reading fluency, and we've created a set of 20+ videos to cover some of the most common words. Join Kodi and friends as they review their spelling, provide definitions, and use the words in context.

How can I improve my sight fluency? ›

  1. Start with a small number of sight words and focus on them for a week. ...
  2. Create two sets of cards with the words on them, and play matching games like Go Fish or simply mix up the cards and have the child pick out the matching cards to pair up.
  3. Point out sight words when you see them as you read together.
17 Sept 2020

Do you teach sight words or phonics first? ›

The words are introduced and practiced in class and students are asked to study them at home. Learning these “sight words” often starts before formal phonics instruction begins. Children do need to know about 10–15 very-high-frequency words when they start phonics instruction.

Should I use Dolch or fry sight words? ›

The Fry words list is based on the "American Heritage Word Frequency Book", whose 87,000 words are ranked by the frequency in which they occur in reading material for grade 3 to 9. Dolch sight words are based on high-frequency words that students in kindergarten through second grade typically would be reading.

What is sight word strategy? ›

Sight words are words that students are expected to recognize instantly. With the right support, students can become so familiar with these words that they no longer need to pause and try to decode them. Some sight words are regularly spelled words, and some are spelled irregularly.

What age should sight words be taught? ›

When Should Kids Learn Sight Words? Most children — not all! — begin to master a few sight words (like is, it, my, me, and no) by the time they're in Pre-K at four years old. Then, during kindergarten, children are introduced to anywhere from 20 to 50 sight words, adding to that number each year.

What is the first step of sight-reading? ›

Step 1. Gather your materials. Obviously, when learning any new skill, having the proper materials available is the first step. Rather than relying on your instructional workbook, to quickly learn to sight read music you'll need structured compositions to study.

What is basic sight vocabulary? ›

Sight Vocabulary. Sight Vocabulary is the set of words that a child can immediately recognize without use of decoding strategies. The child is able to identify these words within a few seconds. An enlarged sight vocabulary improves reading fluency (rate), confidence, expression, and comprehension.

What is sight-reading method? ›

Sight-read means being able to read a word without the need for 'decoding' or 'segmenting' and 'blending', you are able to memorise the word by sight, rather than by 'sounding out' the word. Children will initially focus on 'phonological awareness' and the ability to use 'phonemes' to 'sound out' words.

When should kids know 100 sight words? ›

A good goal, according to child literacy expert Timothy Shanahan, is that children should master 20 sight words by the end of Kindergarten and 100 sight words by the end of First Grade.

Should sight words be memorized? ›

It makes sense to memorize sight words when (1) the words are unusual in their spelling patterns and/or (2) when a student does not yet know the decoding skills needed to take on that word successfully.

Why can't my child remember sight words? ›

If, after ample repetition, your child still can't remember basic sight words, it could indicate dyslexia, an auditory processing problem, or a visual perception disorder.

What are the 7 reading techniques? ›

To improve students' reading comprehension, teachers should introduce the seven cognitive strategies of effective readers: activating, inferring, monitoring-clarifying, questioning, searching-selecting, summarizing, and visualizing-organizing.

How long does it take to get good at sight-reading? ›

If you are a complete beginner, it may take 1.5 to 2 years before you feel like you are really sight reading.

What are the 7 steps of reading? ›

7 Steps To Build Reading Comprehension In School Children
  • 1: Prepare for reading. ...
  • 2: Explain the story structure. ...
  • 3: Read the pictures first. ...
  • 4: Ask and answer questions. ...
  • 5: Visualize as you read. ...
  • 6: Develop social-emotional language. ...
  • 7: Double check comprehension.
28 Apr 2017

What are the 6 fundamentals of reading? ›

Research has shown that there are six key components that contribute to successful beginning reading. Because of the importance of these components, they have become known as the 'Big Six': oral language, phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.

How can I improve my sight-reading rhythm? ›

Practice one rhythm patter at a time:

You need to really hear and feel the rhythm pattern while seeing how the rhythm pattern is written. Once it ingrains in you, next time you see the rhythm pattern in a piece of music, you will be able to apply the rhythm pattern that you already learned on the passage immediately.

What are the 6 steps to active reading? ›

  1. STEP 1: DEVELOP THE 3Rs of READING. It is important to have a purpose for reading before you start. ...

What are the 100 sight words? ›

Top 100 Sight Words and How to Teach Them
  • A: a, an, at, are, as, at, and, all, about, after.
  • B: be, by, but, been.
  • C: can, could, called.
  • D: did, down, do.
  • E: each.
  • F: from, first, find, for.
  • H: he, his, had, how, has, her, have, him.
  • I: in, I, if, into, is, it, its.

What are the first 100 Dolch sight words? ›

These are the sight words included in this pack: I, can, we, the, do, have, to, this, a, go, like, see, for, are, is play, here, was, little, said, he, has, she, look, with, me, where, and my.

What are the 220 sight words? ›

Dolch Sight Words List (220 words)
22 more rows

How do you make learning sight words fun for kids? ›

5 Ways to Make Learning Sight Words Easier for Your Kids
  1. Tip 1: Expose your child to sight words early on.
  2. Tip 2: Make read-alouds more interactive.
  3. Tip 3: Engage all of their senses.
  4. Tip 4: Sort sight words into categories.
  5. Tip 5: Read and play with sight words daily.
17 May 2021

What activity helps with developing vision? ›

Playing peek-a-boo with your baby can help them develop their visual focusing skills. Placing a mirror in a plastic frame (to protect your baby from sharp edges) and hanging it on the side of the crib so your baby can see themselves can also help.

How do you make the learning of sight words enjoyable for kids? ›

Stamp a Sight Word

My kids LOVE to play with stamps. The novelty of getting to use stamps and ink keeps them interested in their word work. Create a written list of the words your child is working on, and then using a set of alphabet stamps, have your child stamp each word, letter by letter.

What sight words should be taught first? ›

A: There is no one set prescribed order to teach sight words. Some teachers and parents teach the sight words from the Dolch or Fry lists in alphabetical order.

What 3 actions you will need to do to work towards your vision? ›

3 Steps to Achieving Your Goals – and Making Your Vision a...
  • Step 1: Dream. If you can't picture it, you can't reach it. ...
  • Step 2: Plan. Now that you have your clear vision, it's time to determine what outcomes or goals you need. ...
  • Step 3: Act.
13 Oct 2012

Which sight word list is best? ›

The list of Dolch sight words is the most commonly used list. It contains 220 'service words' and 95 high-frequency words. He based the list of the most common words in children's books during the 1930s and 40s.

What is the learning objective for sight words? ›

By eliminating the need to stop and decode sight words, readers are able to focus on words that are less familiar and more difficult. And teaching sight words not only helps students read more fluently, it helps them write more efficiently too.


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