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Terraria patch notes 1.4

I. Journey’s End New Content and Additions

Major Features:

  • Added a Journey Mode, a brand new world and character difficulty mode that offersunprecedented control over the way you play the game. It comes withunique powers such as item duplication, weather control, spawn rate and difficulty sliders, and more
  • Added a Master Mode, a new highest difficulty surpassing that of Expert. You can test your skills against even tougherchallenges, and perhaps be rewarded with some unique rewards from every boss
  • Added two brand new bosses to seek out and challenge
  • Added the Bestiary, an encyclopedia of the enemies, allies, and critters you encounter on your journey
  • Added Golf, a new fun pastime for when you want to take a break from all the monster slaying
  • Added Windy Day weather, along with various ambient effects and even some enemies
  • Added Town Pylons and NPC Happiness, an expansion on the town system that culminates with the ability to build a teleportation network to towns around the world


  • Officially adding Texture Pack support, which now has its own option in the main menu
  • Added RGB Lighting to the game for Razer, Corsair, and Logitech hardware
  • Added Block Swap, a mechanic that allows the player to replace pre-existing blocks with new ones, without having to mine them up first. As a bonus, this also allows you to swap Chests and Dressers while keeping the chest inventory intact
  • Terraria now has a brand new series of intro splash screens and an intro sequence
  • Added a completely overhauled Character and World Creation Menu
  • Added Boss Health Bars
  • Added Emote Commands and menu
  • Adding loading screen informative help text when generating worlds
  • Added two new Health/Mana Bar style options
  • Added a number of new minimap border options
  • Added a Recommended Achievement icon to guide the player
  • Added a new achievement to craft a workbench


  • Added Windy Day weather, along with various ambient effects and even some enemies
  • Added a variety of ambient background objects in the sky
  • Added a new celebratory event after defeating a boss or invasion for the first time
  • Added the graveyard mini biome
  • Added uncommon thunderstorm ambient weather
  • Added a chance for meteor showers, which dramatically increase falling star rates
  • Added new falling star animations in the sky
  • Added the ability for the player character to blink, close their eyes, or squint, as circumstances call for it

Worldgen and Biomes:

  • Added dozens of new biome backgrounds
  • The Underground Desert now has some structural changes, new loot, and a variety of new threats
  • Added new paintings to Underground Desert houses, done by the testers
  • Added Oasis mini biomes
  • Added Oasis ferns
  • Added cattails
  • Added lilypads
  • Added a new desert palm tree style
  • Added new Granite, Marble, Living Tree and Desert rubble piles to those biomes
  • Added flower vines to grassy caves
  • Added natural flowers to the Jungle, Crimson, Corruption, and Hallow
  • Added natural tall flowers
  • Added flower patches, ore veins and a few other surface microbiomes
  • Added a variety of new structural changes to the Dungeon
  • Added a substantial number of new map screen backgrounds
  • Added several new glowing moss biome variants
  • Added several new traps to worldgen
  • Added several new moon appearance variations
  • Added some new rare shell variants, as well as the Shell Pile block
  • Added seagrass
  • Added a unique underground layer background when in the Ocean
  • Added new mushroom biome plants
  • Added Seaweed, which can grow at the bottom of the Ocean
  • Updated the Ocean biome with some new variations
  • Added Underground Gem Trees
  • Added a Hardmode Desert Chest and Biome Key
  • Added Yellow Willow and Sakura Trees
  • Added a variety of fruit that can be found from hitting trees

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  • Added an entirely new title theme, Journey’s End
  • Added the Windy Day theme
  • Added the Space Day theme
  • Added the Ocean Night theme
  • Added the Town Day and Night themes
  • Added the Storm theme
  • Added the Slime Rain theme
  • Added the Graveyard theme
  • Added the Underground Jungle theme
  • Added the Surface Night Jungle theme
  • Added the Duke Fishron boss theme
  • Added the Morning Rain theme
  • Added the Console Title theme
  • Added the Underground Desert theme
  • Added themes for the new bosses
  • Added music boxes for all of the newly introduced tracks
  • Long overdue, the winning track of Terraria’s music contest by Xenon and DJ Sniper has been implemented as a music box.

NPCs and Pylons:

  • Added the Golfer NPC
  • Added the Zoologist NPC
  • Added an NPC Happiness system based on where and who they live with
  • Added Town Pylons, a method of rapid transport between established towns
  • Added Cat, Dog, and Bunny Town Pet NPCs

Enemies and Critters:

  • Added two new bosses
  • Added several Blood Moon fishing enemies
  • Added a few Windy Day enemies
  • Add a few other enemies to several different biomes, such as Mushroom and Underground
  • Added Gnomes
  • Added wild friendly Fairies, as well as fairy logs
  • Naturally, we also added Bottled Fairies
  • Added over a dozen new critters
  • Added several Underworld critters
  • Added Gold Goldfish and several other Gold Critters

Equipment and Items:

  • Added a new ultimate sword, a celebration of your journey, from beginning to end
  • Added the Celebration Mk2 to Moon Lord’s loot pool, an improved replacement version of Celebration, which has been given a different source
  • Added the Super Star Shooter, a hardmode Star Cannon
  • Added an entirely new class of Summoner weapons, Whips
  • Added the Hallowed Summoner Helmet
  • Added over a dozen new accessory tinkers
  • Added special crafting recipes which can only be made in the presence of the Ecto Mist of Graveyards
  • Several NPCs will now sell special wares when they are in a graveyard
  • (Re)-added the Zapinator, and now comes in two color variants
  • Added a couple music instruments with basic musical functionality, and added some control over the pitch of The Axe’s sound
  • Added several “Amber” items to match other Gem crafting recipes
  • Added Finch Staff and several other new summon weapons
  • Added the Stepping Stool accessory
  • Added several new Rocket variants
  • Added Fledgling Wings
  • (Re)-added the Lunar Drills, which are now rebalanced to offer pros and cons compared to the Lunar Pickaxes
  • Added Dirt Bombs and Sticky Dirt Bombs
  • Added Tungsten Bullet, so Tungsten worlds can craft their ammo too
  • Added Sergeant United Shield
  • Added Jousting Lances
  • Added several other new swords
  • Added a variety of kites
  • Added over 50 new food and drink items to the game
  • Added paper airplanes
  • Added 9 new items to Underground Desert loot
  • Added Footballs
  • And many more weapons, accessories, and other useful tools


  • Added Blood Moon fishing, a dangerous pastime filled with new enemies and new rewards
  • Added Oasis fishing and a number of new items from it, such as a fishing rod
  • Added two new Oasis Quest Fish
  • Added new methods of Lava Fishing and significantly expanded the Lava Fishing loot pool
  • Added Chum Buckets for fishing
  • Added Ice, Oasis, Lava, and Ocean Fishing Crates

Furniture and Blocks:

(Video) Traditional ABANDONED Country House of a Belgian Baker's Family

  • Added Void Vault and Void Bag
  • Added some wind impacted furniture
  • Added several new bricks/walls to go with ores or blocks that did not have them
  • Added 8 new full furniture sets and matching blocks
  • Added a collection of placeable walls we collectively refer to as “Ecto Walls”, specifically, craftable variants of over 50 previously worldgen only walls
  • Added a method of crafting placeable versions of Gem-studded Stone Blocks and walls normally found in worldgen
  • Moss can now be harvested as an item with a paint scraper
  • Moss now spreads to and can be planted on Gray Brick to make Mossy Brick
  • Added a substantial number of new banners, including new enemies and some old ones who never had banners
  • Added several decorative columns and beams
  • Added Graveyard Paintings and several other Graveyard based furniture and block items items
  • Added new Statues
  • Added a questionably large number of toilets
  • Added several new lava themed decorative items
  • Added several new biome themed torches: Desert, Coral, Corrupt, Crimson, Hallowed and Jungle
  • New biome torches can now drop from pots in their respective biomes
  • Added matching campfires to go with all of these new torches
  • Added two new water changing fountains
  • Added two new Monoliths
  • Added potted indoor trees
  • Added a few new wiring related items
  • Added the Truffle Worm Cage and cages for most of the new critters
  • Added the final paint colour

Vanity Outfits, Pets, and Mounts:

  • Added over a dozen new vanity outfits
  • Added several new hair and hat based vanity items
  • Added several animal ear and tail vanity items
  • Added several new vanity accessories
  • Added three new dyes
  • Added two dozen new hairstyles
  • Added the last of the dev sets
  • Added more than ten new pets
  • Added more than ten new mounts
  • Added Minecarp, Digging Molecart and many other vanity Minecart variants

II. Journey’s End: Changes and Revisions to Pre-Existing Content

UI, Menus, Options, and Quality of Life:

  • The game will now initially launch by default in borderless windowed mode, and attempt to auto-detect your proper resolution
  • Characters on the player select screen will now animate when selected
  • Launching the game should now automatically generate a Resource Packs folder in your save folder for texture packs
  • The main menu shows a new background every time a “day” passes
  • The world creation menu can generate random world names for you
  • Improved the visibility of the Cloud On/Off buttons on the Player and World menus to improve clarity
  • There is now improved UI feedback when attempting to delete favourited characters, explaining why
  • The player/world menu scroll bar is removed if there are not enough saves to need scrolling
  • There is now a button to instantly apply resolution changes from the menu settings
  • The Death screen now has a timer until you respawn, and you can also quit out of the game while dead. Your timer will continue to tick down while on the main menu, and if you rejoin while it is still active, you will still be dead
  • You can now change the eye and skin colour of your character at a Dresser
  • Added a setting option that allows you to toggle whether Hovering Wings work by holding down, or by pressing down once. Particularly impactful on Gamepad
  • If various things happen while the game is minimized on your taskbar, it will now flash. This includes things like taking damage, spawning, or worldgen finishing
  • There are now icons on your map showing your world spawn and your current bed spawn point
  • Player, NPC, and Boss Icons, as well as several other icons, now have a white outline on the map to increase visibility
  • Added the ability to double click on the map to make a ping for other players to see
  • Teammate names now display on the screen in an easier to read way
  • Holding backspace in chat deletes text faster
  • You can now chat/talk in single player, for using emotes or seeing past world messages
  • You can now copy/paste sign text and it will include line breaks
  • Quick Stack will now prioritize Piggy Banks, Safes, Defender’s Forge, Void Vault, and the portable Money Trough and Void Bag
  • The viable range when Quick Stacking to nearby chests has increased by 25%
  • You can no longer place favourited Money Troughs inside of themselves
  • Added a blue box under item mouseover text in the inventory to increase text readability. This feature has an option to turn it off if preferred.
  • Currently selected recipe now has a gold highlight
  • The currently active Hotbar slot is now brighter when the inventory is open
  • Paint, Actuators, and Ale can now be placed in Ammo Slots
  • Sorting your inventory will now attempt to put ammo in any free Ammo slots
  • Sorting your inventory will attempt to sort your coin slots in order
  • Music Boxes now make an audio indication that they have recorded
  • You can now place Music Boxes in your vanity slot to listen to them
  • Buff durations timer display now rounds up instead of down
  • Expanded and improved the Biome visual settings in the Camera mode
  • Added an option that allows decreasing the size of the minimap
  • There is now an option setting to activate/deactivate the Tile Grid overlay on both Gamepad and Keyboard/Mouse
  • UI Scale can now be set as low as 50%, with a maximum of 200%
  • The default cursor now has a white outline, but you can still change this in the options
  • Achievements now make a sound when unlocked
  • If someone attempts to quit out of the game mid-save, the game will still attempt to finish saving, which should prevent a lot of “save” corruptions
  • Multiplayer dedicated servers now save every 10 minutes, rather than every morning
  • The dedicated server should now prevent your PC from going to sleep when inactive, which would stop the server

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Worldgen and Biomes:

  • Heavily optimized worldgen speed
  • A wide variety of natural background walls from different biomes can now be interchangeably Contaminated. Several Jungle backgrounds can be converted, but cannot be cleaned back to Jungle, only to stone. Previously, they were completely immune to the Clentaminator
  • Dramatically changed the layout and frequency of deserts in worldgen, they should be larger but less common, with more natural dunes
  • The Ice Biome should now generate further away from spawn, and in a more narrow shape
  • Natural underground minecart tracks can now be much longer and come in more interesting configurations
  • Underground Mushroom worldgen is now much larger and redesigned
  • Updated mushroom treetops and some underground mushroom backwalls
  • Improved how Marble Biome walls generate, no longer quite as “square”
  • Icicles in infected biomes now take on the colour of that biome, rather than being blue
  • Rain now takes on the water colour of the biome it is falling in
  • Increased chest limit from 1000 to 8000
  • In response to the increasingly complex worldgen making Underground Cabins more broken down and full of furniture, the odds of cabin paintings spawning has been increased until they are more reasonably found
  • Grass growing in front of Grassy/Flowery Walls will grow flowers too, unlike in front of other backgrounds
  • Sunflowers now block the spread of Hallow
  • Critter statues now generate during worldgen
  • Wood Chests now have a chance to contain a stack of wood
  • Added a system that would fill in very small holes in naturally generated walls on worldgen to make a more polished black wall appearance
  • Sandstorms are now significantly less common, particularly in the early game
  • Reduced the intensity of Mighty Wind, it will now push you less
  • Rain is slightly less common

Art Improvements and Visual Effects:

  • Hallowed Armor has been completely reworked visually, and now has an Ancient Hallowed Armor variant to use the old style
  • The Skyware furniture set
  • All of the cloud background art, including the addition of some familiar looking clouds
  • Golem, Queen Bee, and Everscream
  • Eye Patch, Goggles, 0x33’s Aviators and Glasses item icons, so that they are easier to see in the inventory
  • Harpy, Mummy, and Wolf enemies
  • The Goblin Invasion enemies
  • Dungeon Skeletons
  • The Truffle NPC
  • Many previously colour-swapped Biome-wood-variant furniture items have been made more unique
  • Dozens of background rubble piles from different biomes
  • The sprites for many treetops
  • The Lunar Invasion planets visible in the sky
  • The Hardmode Dungeon Chests
  • Several dozen wall item icons were adjusted so that the vast majority of wall items are now consistently sized
  • Food, Drinks, and Potions are now held in the player’s hand and have improved eating/drinking animations
  • A number of hats which previously did not show hair now show hair
  • Boss Bags now look much more sparkly and visible, to help people find them after a fight
  • Fallen Stars have been given a visual overhaul, both during their falling animation, and their item art
  • Improved how Eater of Worlds and Destroyer visually spawn into the world
  • Nebula’s shader is now slightly less pink, and the enemies in it have a pulsing effect to make them stand out more visually
  • All of the Jump in a Bottles that did not previously have visible vanity options now can be visibly seen on the player
  • Lunar Armor sets no longer lose some of their visual brightness when only wearing one piece. Individual pieces will still have the same brightness as if you wore the full set.
  • Elf Copter, Santa-NK1, and Everscream’s projectiles were given increased light and visibility
  • Queen Bee’s stinger projectile was given a larger sprite and is easier to see
  • Ambient night lighting may vary depending on the moon phase
  • There are now many more stars in the night sky
  • Redesigned the targeting icon for summoner lock-on


  • Reaching the end of the Pumpkin and Frost Moon will unlock one in-game day of Halloween and Christmas season, respectively
  • The start date for Halloween events in-game is now October 10
  • Gravestones will now show the date of death
  • NPCs that die in Hardcore mode will drop Gravestones
  • Desert Fossil can now be mined at any pickaxe power or with bombs. However, it is fragile and adjacent fossil blocks may break when you mine it, costing you some of the ore
  • Desert Fossil based gear is now weaker because it is available sooner
  • Increased the max stack size of a ton of items
  • You can now “Return” bought items for the full purchase price as long as you have not closed the shop window
  • Hitting trees with an axe may now drop things sometimes
  • An extensive review of sell values across the entire game, increasing the consistency of sell values. This particularly includes things like items that had no sell value but should have, consistent sell value of items dropped from the same source, and much more
  • Expert enemies who steal your money will now be saved in that area and respawn if you come back. You can see their locations and how much money they have on the map
  • Titan Glove and its tinkers now give auto swing to all Melee Weapons (and Whips)
  • Celestial Pillar fragment drops now scale with the player count in Expert
  • Wood, Iron, and Gold Crates drop better quality ore depending on which level of the crate it is. Wood Crates, for instance, only drop Copper/Tin/Iron/Lead
  • All fishing crates now come in pre-Wall of Flesh and post-Wall of Flesh variants. Pre-Wall of Flesh variants does not contain Hardmode Ores
  • Gold Crates now have a chance to drop Life Crystals and Enchanted Swords
  • Dungeon Crates may now include Books
  • Flower Boots are now included in the Jungle Crate’s loot pool
  • Penguin and Turtle Pets can now be obtained rarely from their respective Biome crates
  • You can now fish up Alchemy Tables in the Dungeon
  • The Angler now has dialogue that will tell you how many quests you have completed for him
  • Angler’s Quest rewards are now more likely to give you the Info Accessories. Additionally, he will not give you duplicates of an accessory you have in your inventory unless you already have them all
  • Coral Blocks have been entirely resprited, and are no longer given as rewards from the Angler. Instead, they can be crafted
  • Pirate Map and Snow Globe items can now stack to 20
  • Massively overhauled the Guide’s help dialogue, adding hints and tips for the content all the way up to the Lunar Invasion, addressing all new NPCs since 1.1, replacing outdated information, and bringing some previously bugged lines back into circulation
  • The game will now detect if you’ve been stationary/AFK for a while and avoid spawning worms on you
  • Cacti must now be cut down before you can break the sand beneath them, like trees
  • Most non-Dungeon/Invasion enemies should no longer be able to open doors except during Blood Moons or Eclipses
  • Doors will now automatically open for you when approached. This option can be toggled in the Settings
  • Doors will now attempt to open the other way if forward is blocked by something
  • Doors that have icicles grow in front of them will now break the icicles when you open them. Also applies to other ground-based rubble
  • Geyser traps are now set off just by stepping on them
  • Vile and Vicious Powder can now be used to spread their respective biome before Hardmode
  • Meteorite, Crimtane, and Demonite now have higher Metal Detector priority than Gold/Platinum
  • Pumpkin Moon now has more careful limits on how many total bosses can spawn to reduce serious server performance issues
  • Moon Lord now drops Super Healing Potions instead of Greater Healing Potions
  • It is now easier to grapple elsewhere when already grappled to a platform or minecart track
  • Players who are stealthed or invisible no longer have mouseover text or health bars
  • A few of the more common Pumpkin and Frost Moon enemies now require more kills per banner drop
  • If a player is falling far enough that they will take fall damage, but an enemy hits them and knocks them back, it will reset their fall damage
  • Parties can no longer happen if the Party Girl is not present. Try talking to her next time a natural party starts
  • Butterflies and Fireflies no longer spawn in the rain or when it is very windy
  • Players can now spawn several blocks above or below their spawn point if the location is covered by blocks, rather than destroying those blocks, to increase the flexibility of building at spawn
  • Infected Ice and Hardened Sand Blocks can now be used to craft some biome torches
  • Acorns now auto swing
  • Using Smart Cursor to plant Pumpkin Seeds will only replace fully grown Pumpkins now
  • The Temple Raider achievement should now be unlocked upon opening the locked temple door, not breaking Lihzahrd Bricks
  • Enemies that reflect attacks (Large Mimics, Solar Selenians) now make a distinctive sound when it happens
  • Reduced the volume on Vortex Beater, Sniper Rifle and Solar Eruption
  • Removed the hissing sound effect from Vortex Beater, Last Prism and Charged Blaster Cannon

NPCs, Critters, and Enemies

  • Antlion Swarmers and Chargers can now be found in small and large variants, with appropriate differences in strength
  • Jellyfish and Granite Golems spawned from statues now drop their items even less frequently and reduced the sell value of some of those drops
  • Granite Elementals can no longer fly through walls
  • Reduced the volume on Granite Golem’s death sound
  • Crimslimes now inflict Blindness and drop Blindfolds
  • The Giant Cursed Skull now inflicts Curse and drops the Nazar
  • Beehive Bees in the Jungle will now target enemies as well as the player
  • Maneater type enemies can no longer be killed by mining the block they are attached to
  • Clowns are now much more dangerous and throw Chattering Teeth Bombs
  • Many enemies which previously stopped spawning after defeating the Wall of Flesh can now be found at reduced rates even in Hardmode
  • Several “minion” enemies that have no banners are now subject to the banner effects that affect their creator (such as Baby Mothron and the Mothron Banner)
  • Enemies have an increased chance to drop bonus amounts of money when killed
  • Enemies drop extra money during Blood Moons
  • Eater of Worlds now has more segments, even more so in Expert Mode
  • King Slime is now somewhat harder to abuse with ropes
  • Plantera’s Tentacles now have health scaling in Expert Multiplayer
  • The brain of Cthulhu’s Creepers now have health scaling in Expert Multiplayer
  • Expert Brain of Cthulhu and his Creepers now has increased knockback resistance per player present on a server, ultimately becoming immune to knockback
  • Expert Skeletron Prime now moves faster when spinning
  • Old One’s Army now has some Expert scaling in multiplayer
  • Martian Saucers in normal mode no longer have a phase two and die as soon as their turrets are destroyed
  • There are now less Martian Saucers per invasion, and they are less likely to chain spawn
  • Martian Saucers can now shoot their death beam through blocks. However, they are slower and their beams easier to avoid
  • Several Martian Invasion drops are now dropped from regular Martians, decreasing the random nature of the Martian Saucer’s drop pool
  • Golem attacks more aggressively the more players are present in Expert, and also slightly harder to cheese
  • Golem will now enrage when out of the jungle or on the surface
  • Moon Lord’s Phantasmal Death Ray will now penetrate blocks that are between it and the player
  • Frogs can now swim
  • Explosive Bunnies can now be released as critters and can explode
  • Enchanted Nightcrawlers can now spawn naturally during meteor showers
  • Gold Critters are rarer now

Equipment, Armor, and Weapons:

  • The Ruler’s utility effect is now always available for players to turn on or off. The Ruler item can now be used as a weapon instead and is still used in crafting recipes
  • The Breathing Reed and Umbrella can now be used as weapons, and can still be used for their original purposes as well
  • The Throwing subclass has been combined with the Ranged class. Previously Thrown weapons now do Ranged damage
  • Shortswords can now be used in all directions, not just forward
  • Titanium Armor now has a new set bonus, and Shadow Dodge has been repurposed as Holy Protection, the new Set Bonus for Hallowed Armor
  • Medusa Head and Charged Blaster Cannon have been heavily redesigned and should be more effective in combat
  • Some other weapons have had some moderate redesigns to improve their effectiveness, including but not limited to: Magic Missile, Flamelash, Rainbow Rod, Poison and Venom Staff, Staff of -Earth, and Heat Ray
  • A host of other weapons, armour, tool and accessory adjustments, some small, some minor. For more, please check out the Balance Changes section
  • Vanity Accessory slots now can only hold accessories with a visual vanity effect
  • Gravity Globe can now be toggled in mid-air
  • Tiki Armor, Pygmy Necklace, and the Hercules Beetle can now be purchased without carrying Pygmy Staff as long as you have defeated Plantera
  • Blessed Apple now only drops from Unicorns but at a higher drop rate than before
  • Cenx’s Tiara now drops with both of her dev set bundle
  • 0x33’s Aviators are now dropped from Master-mode Eye of Cthulhu
  • Arkhalis is now dropped in the Arkhalis dev set bundle

Blocks and Furniture:

  • Upgraded Mannequins, they now have an interactable inventory which allows visible accessories such as wings, as well as dye support. They can also be painted, and are no longer destroyed unless their inventory is empty
  • Weapon Racks are now paintable. You can also place Fish on Weapon Racks for display purposes
  • Players can now sit in chairs, sofas, thrones, benches, and they can lay down in beds to sleep. Sleeping in beds will speed up time. If in multiplayer, time will only speed up if all players are sleeping
  • Goblin, Eyeball, Hornet, Imp, and Corrupt Statues now spawn enemies when wired
  • You can now craft Ice Chests, and its name and the Frozen Chest’s name were swapped to match furniture consistency
  • Living Wood, Skyware, and Lihzahrd Chests are now craftable
  • Temple traps now require higher pickaxe power to mine to prevent obtaining them too early
  • Changed the light colours of the light sources in following sets so that each set uses consistent lighting: Marble, Pearlwood, Mahogany, Spooky, Steampunk, Palm Wood, Ebonwood, Shadewood, Glass, Living Wood, and Frozen. Ebonwood’s Candelabra was resprited to visually match this updated colour
  • Bewitching Station now generates light, because it had candles all this time
  • Water and Peace Candles can now be wired to turn on or off, which will toggle their buff as well
  • Shells and Starfish will now generate overtime on beaches
  • Cloud Blocks now prevent fall damage
  • Campfires also no longer give their buff when turned off
  • Placing Minecart tracks with Smart Cursor should create smarter and cleaner tracks than before
  • The Stone Slab had the wrong blending, preventing it from being used nicely with most other blocks, and this has been fixed. However, we listened to your concerns, and have added an Accent Stone Slab block, which will function the same as the old Stone Slab did
  • Dynasty Wood blends better with other tiles now
  • Special glass blocks like Waterfall, Confetti, etc now have better merging with other tiles
  • Infected Hardened Sands are now craftable into glass-like regular Hardened Sand
  • Statues can now face both directions
  • Bone Blocks are now mined back up as Bones, which can be crafted into other things, or replaced as Bone Blocks as needed with a Bone Wand
  • The staff of Regrowth no longer places moss on the stone, as moss is now accessed through other means
  • Ammo Box now has a shotgun cocking sound effect when used

III. Journey’s End: Balance Changes:


  • Moon Lord
  • Moon Lord’s attack pattern has been slightly tweaked to be more consistent, as the different eyes would become desynced over time, resulting in a more random fight (which was not intended). In addition, the amount of time that his forehead eye spends open is slightly increased
  • Moon Lord’s Phantasmal Death Ray will now penetrate blocks that are between it and the player
  • Enemies should no longer spawn during Moon Lord’s fight unless they spawn outside of his radius in multiplayer
  • Moon Lord will now drop his loot even if you die during his death animation

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Introduction: My name is Sen. Ignacio Ratke, I am a adventurous, zealous, outstanding, agreeable, precious, excited, gifted person who loves writing and wants to share my knowledge and understanding with you.