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Football Theme Table Decorations – Fall means the beginning of many things, including football! My husband played football at Washington State University, so you better believe we’re die-hard fans here. Once the season starts, the weekends are filled with watching games and catching up with friends so we can cheer on our home teams together. Seriously, what’s better than reliving your college days, eating good food and having fun with the whole family? To kick off the season, I headed to my local Fred Meyer store to pick up some fun college gear and new items this year. Here’s a look at the new pinball table decorations I added!

If you go to your local Fred Meyer store, for me it’s Fred Meyer, they stock your local college supplies! Plus, they have everything you need to have fun this year too. They even have team themed pots!

Football Theme Table Decorations

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I got some new Coug gear with these awesome custom cups and plastic serving pieces and paired them with a new crimson runner/napkins and gray coasters. I like to keep my decor modern but add some fun elements to the party and Fred Meyer gave me all the tools I needed to do that.

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To keep with the football theme, I used strips of rawhide to attach the napkins to each plate and added a dark woven charger to bring out the natural brown tones. And why stop there? I have this gallery wall behind my kitchen table and I replaced all the pictures with pictures from a Cougar Football calendar I found at Fred Meyer. It definitely upped my game for this place (no pun intended) and it was cheap and time consuming. Who knows, I might keep them all season long!

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While you’re at the store getting supplies for your team, you can grab some easy treats and treats to throw on your table!

I bet most of you haven’t been to Pullman, Washington, home of Washington State University. But the whole city is surrounded by hills of wheat fields. So I thought some corn yarn would be perfect for this Coug themed table!

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Soccer Football Party Table Red White And Black Team Colors. Stock Photo

My husband was so excited to see our dining area and kitchen decorated in his favorite community! I think they won’t mind one bit if we keep it all year round 🙂

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Outside the dining area is a cozy place by the barbecue and fire. I saw some great BBQ sets along with cozy fleece blankets to curl up on those cool fall nights!

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If you’re planning to throw a football party this year, your local Fred Meyer store will have everything you need to stock up on the season and throw the best party ever. To create this look, I loved pairing some of my college gear with some thrift store home decor.

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Anything thrift store finds would make great gifts too! If you’re attending a football party, put them in a cute gift basket to give as a hostess gift.

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Taryn Whiteaker is the voice of style (formerly of Design, Dining, and Diapering)! Taryn is a former PR/Marketing professional who returned to her creative roots after becoming a mother and now shares her passion for home decor and design to see the world. Taryn lives in the greater Seattle area with her husband and three children and enjoys coffee and the outdoors with her family. The morning is crisp and cool, with sweater weather and the smell of pumpkin spice milk filling the air. That can only mean one thing – it’s Football season! I LIVE for this time of year, partly because of my love for college football, but also because fall is my absolute favorite season! I love it so much that I decided to create a football themed party with lots of ideas and party printables to inspire you!

Let’s get this party started with some super cute football invitations! These invitations are fully customizable with your child’s name, age, and information! The backdrop features an AstroTurf field table runner and the perfect centerpiece or runner for your tables!

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Kick Off The Birthday Celebrations With A Football Themed Sleepover » Muddy Boots Sleepover Parties

Ready, have a PARTY! This giant soccer sign is a great backdrop for dessert at a soccer party or for your buffet table! I used mug display towers that look like stadium seats and seats on a paper foosball table. My dessert table features a cardboard goal post and a real kids football in the center!

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To get the “stadium crowd” look, I took regular store-bought cupcakes and dipped the frosted tops in colorful sprinkles to resemble fans in the stands. I created these soccer field cupcake wrappers that will go around any regular sized cupcake! To finish off the look, I added soccer pennant cups and foam toes!

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How cute are these royal football drink sleeves? They are a great accent for your drink station or water break area! I also added some play towels ( similar to this one ) that I couldn’t resist!

Easy Football Game Day Decor

This table setting is definitely the right game! I love the mixed designs and prints of the football themed cutlery. Pair it with referee jacket plates and your table will be a hit!

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Decorate your buffet table, or “favor stand” as I call it, with this favor sign personalized with your family or child’s name! Also pictured are grub bags with referee icons on them – they’re lined with foil to keep your handful warm in cold weather!

Display this “Eat Your Appetite” sign on the sideboard next to your dishes or dining table to complete the look of your personalized concession stand!

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Sports Themed Centerpieces · Party & Event Decor · Balloon Artistry

Kids love temporary tattoos, especially when they look real! Set up a “Watch Your Game” station where kids will feel like real football greats!


Good game! Thank your guests with these soccer themed stainless steel water bottles and matching soccer thank you tags!

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Dock! I hope you’re ready to put on your game face and pick the right game that will definitely make a soccer themed party! GO TEAM!! Are you ready for the big game? Whether you’re watching the Super Bowl or your regular Sunday football game (

Confessions Of A Sports Mama: Team Mama Idea: High School Football Banquet Ideas

), throwing a football themed party is a great way to get together with family and friends and celebrate your team! Here are some great football party ideas to help you throw a great party with football themed decorations, food and more!

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Organize all your desserts in one place so your guests can easily find what they need. A small table or desk unit works well!

I put green felt on our table and used white adhesive vinyl and white masking tape to mark the soccer field; turned out so cute! You can find a detailed, step-by-step tutorial for making your own soccer field tablecloth here , and I’ve also shared a free printable pattern for the numbers in this post, so check it out!

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Football Centerpieces Football Party Decorations Helmet

Be sure to put away napkins and silverware as well. If you get yellow napkins, they might be “penalty flags”! For silverware storage, I covered a few empty boxes with football themed prints and I love how they turned out. Get your free printable potholder labels here.

As for drinks, I packed a large jug of water and a few appetizers. We made giant soft pretzels and put a few different things to dip them in, even deviled eggs and our favorite bacon wrapped dates!

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If you want to have small snacks, put them in cute football shaped candy boxes! I shared free printable templates and a tutorial on how to make these boxes last week, so click on that post to download the templates and make your own.

How To Create A Football Themed Party That Will Score With Guests

If you offer larger snacks, you can decorate paper bags to look like soccer balls! Just cut the laces from the white paper and glue it to the bag; super cute!

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A simple paper banner or bunting to decorate the venue and cheer on your favorite team! I’ve shared a free printable football banner here complete with every letter of the alphabet and numbers 0-9 so you can print any message you want!

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Tailgate Party: Fun Football Themed Party

I believe that anyone can do crafts and DIY projects regardless of skill or experience. I love sharing simple craft ideas, step-by-step DIY project guides, cleaning tips, and other tips and tricks with one goal in mind: all you need to “do it yourself.” give tools, do fun projects and do cool things. !

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