Couple Tattoos: Inspiration and Advice (2023)

Perhaps the most explored subject on Valentines, couple tattoos can be romantic, but also...honestly, a bit scary. They are, for some of us, a precarious and delicate undertaking that should be thought of in depth. But, let’s face it, if someone within the couple-hood suggests the act of getting tattooed together, it’s sort of rude to shoot them down right?

Well, fear not. There are so many different ways to go about getting a piece with your lover. Your significant other never has to know about your trepidations and anxiety over the dreaded cover up act which, you may think, is unavoidable. Not only does this article hope to ease those apprehensions, we also aim to give you some good advice on building the best couple tattoo ideas for your personal relationship needs so that the future won’t look so marred with laser removal and embarrassment.

All joking aside, this should be a fun experience for all involved. It should be a time you enjoy each others company, and explore your more adventurous side. Getting a tattoo with your partner shouldn’t be scary, nor should it bring up more questions about the future than marriage might...These unique couple tattoos are perfect inspiration for those of you who are feeling cold feet, who think matching tattoos for couples are cheesy, or if you’re just unsure of how to show your love without being totally obnoxious about it. We get it: this piece shouldn’t be the end all be all of your illustrated body...but it still better be good.

Hidden, Small, or Simple Couple Tattoos

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Anytime we think of couples tattoos, we’re immediately faced with images like King and Queen crowns encircled by a bed of roses, or Mickey and Minnie blowing kisses at each other from their respective body parts...there are plenty of old school matching his and hers tattoos that make us giggle and gag at the same time. This does not have to be your fate.

To start off, yes, this is a big commitment. But you can lessen the pressure by putting your new ink somewhere hidden. There are places on the body that are great not only for first timers trying to tone down the glaring evidence of body modification, but for couples making their mark on each others skin. Spots like the ribs, ankle, hips, even the side of your foot; these can all be spaces that you may not immediately think of, but can work perfect for your piece. You can even let the area dictate the design...a foot tattoo can suddenly be super romantic, like “May I always walk by your side.” or “Walk with me through life.”Obviously...this doesn’t have to be the path you take, but just to give you an idea.

Getting a slightly hidden tattoo may make you feel a bit more secure...the same goes for getting a really small tattoo. It’s not just smart because it’ll make a cover up easier (if, indeed, this is what you’re worried about) but minimalism and tiny tats are actually really sweet, personal, and can be very meaningful. From fineline cursive to miniature sparrows in flight...or even your lovers handwriting or simple smiley faces. Just because they’re small or simple couple tattoos doesn’t mean they don’t pack a big punch to the proverbial heart. Don’t think that getting a matching love tattoo means that it has to take up your entire is, ultimately, the thought that counts. So choose something you both love, maybe an image that represents an inside joke or a shared dream, and use it to create a couples tattoo, small but significant, that fits the both of you!

Matching Tattoos for Couples Aren't Always Identical

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For some reason when we think about getting pieces with our partner, and the same could be said of matching best friend tattoos, we immediately get the idea that they have to be exact duplicates. Not so. Seriously. In fact, the cool thing about friends and lovers is that opposites do attract, and even if you’re really similar, you’re still different people. This may be a great time to celebrate those differences!! Maybe on this trip to your favorite tattoo studio, you get matching spirit animal tattoos...meaning you each get your own idea of what your spirit animal is, but it’s still in the same style or space. You’re getting it together, and that’s what counts...isn’t that what this is all about? Or, perhaps, instead of getting something literal, you take your love and celebrate the organic idea of love with abstract shapes, sacred geometry, or expressive lines.

Chaim Machlev, also known as Dots to Lines, is highly regarded for his couple tattoos...he takes something that could be reductive, or cheesy, and turns it into fine art. The couples that are decorated by his ink honor their feelings of mutual respect and trust with designs that are both dependent and independent of the other. Which is exactly how a healthy relationship should be anyway...When you put these pieces together, they look as if they could never be apart ...but when the tattoos are separated, they are still whole, and beautiful. Try thinking about your love, and your relationship, this way. Rather than get a concrete image that is representative of your feelings, why not go abstract? Why not go expressionist? Art movements that employed those types of design were, indeed, trying to find a more direct mode of conveying emotion. It leaves room for interpretation, and it also empowers you to always be evolving your love and what your relationship means or looks like, partly with an awesome tattoo you share with your partner.

Relationship Tattoos in UV or White Ink

For those who are seriously paranoid, or for those of you who want a tattoo, but not really...or even for those of you who are trying to be low key about your love, and aesthetics, why not try white ink? At first a white ink tattoo will look a bit red and irritated, like any other new ink, but after it heals and settles, and depending on your natural skin tone, it can actually look almost invisible...perhaps only a bit raised, like a small scar. Especially if you get something small, like the couple finger tattoos below, it can be hardly noticeable unless someone is looking for it. Rings are actually, in general, really sweet, especially as far as marriage tattoos go. It’s also helpful if you happen to forget to actually wear your best friend lost hers down the drain while washing dishes. These things happen! Husband and wife tattoos are sacred, so we’ll always vote to keep it smart, simple, and just between the two of you. White ink can help.

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UV ink can also be another way to go. Many of these inks are not highly visible in the’s only under UV light that these babies glow. And, unless you work in a Spencer’s Gifts, we’re guessing you aren’t hanging out under those special blue light bulbs all the time. It can be a fun, special, and surprising way to create two cute couple tattoos!

To Conclude: Couple Tattoos

Whether you want matching tattoos for couples, or simple relationship tattoos that express your love, remember to have fun with it...just so you know, the more fun you have with the experience, just as with the design, the happier you will be with the tattoo...even if that “forever” turns into “for right now”.

Honestly, as much as we freak out about tattoos being a bigger commitment than tying the knot..that’s actually no longer the case. As modern technology progresses, we’re seeing better removal tools such as super accurate, and less painful, lazers. Tattoos are no longer as permanent as once thought...but hopefully you realize that the actual experience will probably endure longer than your ink. After all, this isn’t Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind….no way you’re removing that memory, you know? So, just as your couple tattoos design may be important to you, focus on the experience as well. Make sure you’re in the moment, and that your loved one really knows how much you care about them. Have a good time. Celebrate your love. Don’t worry about the only prevents happiness in the present.

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