27 Cool DIY Gaming Tables You Can Build Your Own - The Self-Sufficient Living (2023)

Are you a game lover? Building a DIY gaming table will allow you to enjoy your favorite games right in the comfort of your home. You can play with friends and family and have a great time.

If you are considering building a DIY gaming table, then you should check out these 27 cool DIY gaming tables you can build.

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1- High-End Gaming Table

This project involves building an all-incorporating DIY gaming table with a built-in flat screen TV for playing software driven games. This table is versatile and can handle all types of games, from miniatures, to board games and RPGs. The original plan was made from an old gaming table. It has a size of 4” x 4”, which you can easily modify to suit your needs. To build this table, you will need some materials like a lag-bolts for the legs, Wood screw, Wood Putty, Wood Treater, Stain, Polyurethane and others. You will also need tools like mitre saw, drill, jigsaw and others. The project can cost as little as $150 with small savings listed in the plan.

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2- DIY Gaming Table with Built-in Game Storage

If your kids were game lovers, then this would be an ideal weekend family project you can do. It involves building a board game table with built-in storage to store all your games. The DIYgaming table plan was designed to be quickly completed with just hand tools. Aside from the table, you will need a sheet of plywood, boards; lumber saw drill press and a planner. The project is relatively cheap, costing about $400 to build. You will need a few materials like glue, wood screw, brushes, and urethane. The tools used in the original project includes a router, circular saw, drill with bits, clamps, hammer and brads and a few others.

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3- DIY Puzzle Game Table

It takes days and even weeks to put together a jigsaw puzzle. And if you are using the dining or coffee table you may have to redo the puzzle every time; you use the table for other purposes. Although you can buy those puzzle mat, nothing beats having the puzzle in its own organized space. This gaming table plans will guide you to build a DIY puzzle game table for your home. The project also comes with a stool you can pull out when you want to work on the puzzle. It contains detailed information on how to build it from scratch.

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4- Dining Table Game Table

Enjoy a family meal and a family game afterward on the same table when you use these gaming table plans.

This YouTube video will show you how to build a lovely wood dining room table that has a removable top surface and plenty of room for games underneath. Removable side trays are also incorporated into the DIY build so you can have a place for your phone and snacks while you play a board game.

The table is sturdy and the wood can be stained or painted to match any interior decor. Host a Holiday meal for your friends and family on top of the table, then remove the top and host game night.

5- Fancy Board Game Table

If you want a fancy table that will be the center attraction in the room, check out this DIY gaming table plan on YouTube.

The large table provides plenty of room for all your favorite card and board games. The attractive design makes it an eye catching piece of furniture and the bottom shelf provides plenty of storage space for games and puzzles.

Built in cup holders, sunken play area, and decorative wood trim make this more than a game table, it’s a valuable piece of furniture.

(Video) How to Make a Non Stop Heron's Fountain

6- Custom DIY Board Game Table

These gaming table plans involve building functional DIY board game tables. The table was constructed with hardwood. The construction is broken into four sections – legs, frames insert and playing surface. The plan contains step-by-step information on how to build the table with pictures. The building involves using a router; mitre saw, chisel, jigsaw and other. You will also need materials like glue, screw etc. the project can be completed in a few weeks and is placed at an intermediate experience level.

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7- Classic Gaming Table

This project involves building a DIY gaming table with maple wood. Its designed such that the legs can be taken off during transportation. The vault is 3 inches deep, and it has seven desks, two on each side. The project is placed at an advanced woodworking level. It has an estimated completion time of 120 hours or 37 days. It will cost about $2,000 to complete. You will need various sizes of maple hardwood for each part of the table, and other materials like hinges, cabinet pulls, cabinet hardware and tools like drills, saw etc.

27 Cool DIY Gaming Tables You Can Build Your Own - The Self-Sufficient Living (5)

8- Turn An ordinary Table Into a DIY Gaming Table

Are you a broad game fanatic? Then you should build this table to make playing your favorite games easy. The project involves converting a regular table into a DIY board game table. The original DIY gaming table was built to accommodate six players. The surface of the table is covered with thick blue neoprene fabric. To build, you will need materials like wood stain, nails, or screw. You will also need a few tools like miter saw and drill. You will have to create the various aspect of the table separately following the plan and couple when done.

27 Cool DIY Gaming Tables You Can Build Your Own - The Self-Sufficient Living (6)

9- Gaming Table For Under $40

Playing games with friends is one of the best ways to relax. This gaming table plan involves converting a kitchen table into a proper gaming table. Asides the table, you will need a suitable board for the top. A plasterboard sized 1.2m by 900mm was used in the original plan. You will also need materials like spray paint, mixed plaster, Velcro strip etc., and a few tools to construct. The original project was built for under $40. It can be completed within a few days following the plan.

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10- Ricochet Game Table

This project involves transforming a door into a DIY shuffleboard. The tabletop was made with sewing elastic. This original plan has pre-primed 1×4 installed at the sides of the door to keep the pucks from flying off the table. Asides the door, you will also need some woods for the legs, and a few materials like paint or spray, screw etc. You will also need tools like a drill, screwdriver, tape measure etc. It is essential to follow the instructions on the plan while building. However, you can adjust the table size as you wish.

27 Cool DIY Gaming Tables You Can Build Your Own - The Self-Sufficient Living (8)

11- Outdoor Game Table

This project involves building a DIY gaming table that can be used for a variety of games including chess, checker etc. It Is designed to also function as a coffee table, providing extra functionality. The top of the table is made to flip over. The project is quite easy to build, it is placed at a beginners experience level. To build this project, you will need lumber, screw, gum, paint and other materials. You will need tools like a mitre saw, chisel, brush, and others. The project can be completed in a weekend and costs about $40 in lumber.

27 Cool DIY Gaming Tables You Can Build Your Own - The Self-Sufficient Living (9)

12- Board Games Table

Board games are fun to play, and building this DIY board game table will make you even enjoy it more. To build this project, you will need wood boards. The legs for the original plan were purchased and attached directly. Other materials include screws, sandpaper etc. you will also need tools like a jigsaw, circular saw, misc hand tool, and drill. The plan is placed at an intermediate experience level, and it can be completed within a few days. Upon completing the other parts of the table following the project, you can then couple everything and attach the legs.

27 Cool DIY Gaming Tables You Can Build Your Own - The Self-Sufficient Living (10)

13- Outdoor Checkers Game Table

This DIY outdoor table is functional, durable and attractive. It can serve as both a gaming table and a dining table. The table has enough room for six people, and its portable enough to fit almost anywhere in your patio or deck. To build this table, you will need; plywood of different sizes (all listed on the plan) and cedar board. You will also need materials like a screw, wood glue, as well as tools like drill, jigsaw, hammer, router etc. the plan contains an in-depth step by step guide on how to build from scratch. The project can be completed in a weekend.

27 Cool DIY Gaming Tables You Can Build Your Own - The Self-Sufficient Living (11)

14- Cool Steampunk Gaming Table

This DIY board gaming table plan involves building a classic multipurpose DIY gaming table. The primary function of the table is gaming. However, it can be used as a coffee table, dining table or conference table. The table is big enough with a 4’ x 6’ size. It has a 55” 4k display screen embedded in it. This can be used for gaming visuals as well as presentations and displaying maps. The tabletop is covered with a ¼” tempered glass to protect the TV screen from damages or spillage. The table also has a stereo audio system, which produces audio through attached speakers. There are also external power outlets, USB, HDMI, and Cat6 etc. There are also leaf inserts to protect the game from kids and pets. The table has a standard 5 x 7 area. It also has eight drawers with stainless steel cup holders close to the top of the table. This cool gaming table costs about $2,000 to complete, and I have to say it is worth every penny of it.

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15- Simple DIY Gaming table

This project involves converting a dining room table into a functional tabletop gaming table. The original gaming table plan has a total playable area of 61 x 41”, with a raised border around it. It also has shelves below the table to place things like cell phones, etc. To build this project, you will need a wood board and other materials like foam, tablecloth, adhesive, etc. The total cost for the board and fastener is about $150 at the depot. You will also need tools like a staple gun, drill, etc. The project can be completed in a weekend, and it’s relatively easy to construct.

27 Cool DIY Gaming Tables You Can Build Your Own - The Self-Sufficient Living (13)

16- Digital DIY Gaming Table

This plan involves building a gaming table that can fit perfectly into the house. The size is big enough to accommodate three persons. The gaming table has a 40” TV attached to it and is connected to a touch screen workstation running display maps, and all the details needed for the game. The total cost for building this game table excluding the TV and workstation is $150. You will need wood boards, and materials like glue, screws and others. You will also need tools like a drill, hand sander etc. The plan is placed at an intermediate experience level.

(Video) Building an invisible monitor...

27 Cool DIY Gaming Tables You Can Build Your Own - The Self-Sufficient Living (14)

17- Game Table Conversion

This plan contains information to convert an existing table into a DIY gaming table. The plan contains specific measurements, however, its designed to allow you to change the dimensions easily. To build this tabletop gaming table plan, you will need plywood and other materials like pipe clamps, wood conditioner, and wood stain. You will need velvet or similar high-quality fabric for the tabletop. The original gaming table plan was coupled with glue; however, you may use screw or nails. You will also need tools like a mitre saw, drill etc.

27 Cool DIY Gaming Tables You Can Build Your Own - The Self-Sufficient Living (15)

18- Interchangeable Surface Gaming Table

The top of this interchangeable surface gaming table is created with one sheet of plywood. The sides and legs were created from a recycled mantel. The cost of building a game table like this one is under $20, making it an affordable asset for any family.

These free gaming table plans will show you how to build a table like this for your home. The table will help bring the family together for years of gaming fun. The interchangeable surfaces let your family enjoy playing their favorite games on one table so this piece of furniture won’t take up much space in your home.

27 Cool DIY Gaming Tables You Can Build Your Own - The Self-Sufficient Living (16)

19- Recycled Coffee Table

Use these free plans to create a DIY gaming table from an unused coffee table. If you have a coffee table that you no longer use in the living room and have wondered what to do with it – check out this great idea.

A coffee table can be recycled into a portable gaming table so it’s easy to move around in any room of your home. Add a shelf on the bottom (if the coffee table doesn’t already have one) so you can store games when they’re not in use.

If you don’t already have a coffee table, they are inexpensive to purchase at a local thrift shop.

27 Cool DIY Gaming Tables You Can Build Your Own - The Self-Sufficient Living (17)

20- Poker Table

Poker night can be hosted at your house after you build this DIY gaming table. This 8-sided poker table allows each player to sit and play the card game comfortably, plus the DIY game table has pull out trays to hold snacks and drinks.

Easy to follow building plans will enable you to build a poker table like this in a day so you can play cards with your friends this weekend. Other card games can be played on the DIY poker table too.

27 Cool DIY Gaming Tables You Can Build Your Own - The Self-Sufficient Living (18)

21- Coffee and Game Table

This unique design creates two tables in one – it’s a coffee table and a gaming table. It is also built to last so it can be handed down as a family heirloom.

Have hours of fun with your kids and grandkids with this game table. And when it’s not being used for playing games, slide the top shut and use it as a traditional coffee table.

(Video) Building an invisible PC

Follow these free gaming table plans and build a priceless piece of heirloom furniture for your family to use today and future generations years from now.

27 Cool DIY Gaming Tables You Can Build Your Own - The Self-Sufficient Living (19)

22- Toddler Game Table

Toddlers learn through play and this DIY gaming table will help your child learn while having fun. The table is ready-made from heavy duty plastic and would make a great outdoor game table for a toddler.

The table top is covered with games created from self-adhesive vinyl that is easily changed as the toddler grows. The plastic table is sturdy enough to support the weight of a toddler and the table can double as an outdoor picnic table.

Easy clean plastic and vinyl is great for toddler furniture and items that stay outside. The ready made table is cheap so you may want to create two – one for outdoors and one for indoors.

27 Cool DIY Gaming Tables You Can Build Your Own - The Self-Sufficient Living (20)

23- Coffee Table With Pull Outs

This is an ideal gaming tables plan for small spaces. It’s a coffee table with pull outs for gaming. This design is a perfect DIY board game table for multiple games. When the family is done playing, just push the pull outs back into place. The board games will be ready for playing next time and you can start right where the game ended.

When the table is not being used for gaming, it’s an attractive coffee table. Guests will not know that games are being hidden from view inside the coffee table. You can customize the table size to fit your living space.

27 Cool DIY Gaming Tables You Can Build Your Own - The Self-Sufficient Living (21)

24- Pull Out Trays

These free gaming table plans show you how to build pull out trays that can be customized to fit any size table that you have. The pull out trays provide space for cards, play money, and any other items needed to play games. The tray can also hold snacks and drinks while the family plays games.

Create these trays for a coffee table, desk, dining room table, or any other table surface you want to transform into a gaming table. The pull out trays are multi purpose and can be used in many different ways.

27 Cool DIY Gaming Tables You Can Build Your Own - The Self-Sufficient Living (22)

25- Wide Ledge Game Table

This DIY gaming table has a sunken center for games and a wide ledge around the perimeter of the table. The wide ledge is perfect for setting a laptop, tablet, or snack tray on.

(Video) Transform a Damaged Laptop into an ALL-IN-ONE desktop PC

The whole family can gather around this game table and do different things while being together in the same space.

Do schoolwork, eat lunch, hold a conference call, and play a game with all members of your family seated at this DIY game table.

27 Cool DIY Gaming Tables You Can Build Your Own - The Self-Sufficient Living (23)

26- Board Game Table

This wooden board game table has everything you will need for an evening of family fun. It has a large space for gaming, pull out drink holders, side shelves for placing all game pieces, and the design even has electrical outlets built into the table.

Charge your phone or laptop while enjoying a game with family and friends around this large, wooden DIY gaming table. The detailed instructions will make this DIY project easy enough for a beginner.

27 Cool DIY Gaming Tables You Can Build Your Own - The Self-Sufficient Living (24)

27- Multi Purpose Gaming Table

This sturdy wooden table can be used for dining, entertaining and playing a multitude of games. With a sunken center, side shelving, cup holders, electrical outlets, cord storage, and several other features, this multi purpose table is ideal for a growing family.

Watch this YouTube video to discover how to create this multi functional gaming table that will become the most used location in your home. Even when the table is not being used for gaming it’s sure to become the favorite gathering place for the family.

The easy to follow video instructions make this a simple DIY project that can be completed in a weekend.

Conclusively, only a few things beat an evening with friends or family playing games. Make your home more comfortable by building any of the above listed DIY gaming tables.

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Why did geek chic go out of business? ›

The trouble is that Geek Chic required payment well in advance of the delivery of their products, which often ran in excess of $3,500. That means many customers' tables are finished, or nearly finished, and may never be delivered. When or if they are able to get their money back is an unresolved question.

How do you make a D&D TV table? ›

Simply take the six legs. And screw them in next flip the table over after that slide the two table

Are gaming tables necessary? ›

Investing in a high-quality gaming table is important because you do not want your desk wobbling or creaking while you play. Moreover, gamers love to have dedicated space for holding certain supplies so that they can reach out to them with ease. These desks are durable and save you from buying another one soon.

What is geek chic? ›

A style (of fashion, art, etc) based on stereotypically geeky things, such as themed T-shirts and thick-rimmed glasses.

What does geek sheik mean? ›

/ˌɡiːk ˈʃiːk/ a fashionable style of dressing that uses clothes, glasses, etc. usually thought to be boring or not fashionable: Be careful that your geek chic doesn't cross over into old-man dullness.

What is the best size for a game table? ›

A 3ft - 3.5ft wide playing area is best for board and card games. 3ft width has a nice easy reach. 3.5ft width gives maximum room for player boards. The reach is starting to get long, but it is still pretty comfortable.

How tall should a gaming desk be? ›

The standard height of a computer gaming desk is between 28” and 30” and is most suitable for people of a height between 5'8” and 5'10”. However, according to UNB, the desk height can be different depending on how tall the person is.

How do you mount a TV on a table? ›

  1. Set the flat panel on the tabletop. ...
  2. Locate two parallel threaded mounting inserts on the rear of the flat panel. ...
  3. Place the other end of the strap and plastic bracket against the back of the table. ...
  4. Adjust the straps to make them tight, but not so tight that the TV begins to tilt backwards.

How do I make a D&D board? ›

Dungeons From Scratch: DIY D&D Adventure Board - YouTube

How thick should a gaming desk be? ›

The best desk size for you is one that is comfortable and nicely fits all your components without cramping anything. Usually, a gaming desk should have dimensions of 60inch width x 30inch depth x 30inch height, which is enough space to fit all the peripherals and a few more gadgets.

What material is best for gaming desk? ›

MDF wood and natural bamboo material offer smooth finish and more durable than glass. Moreover, glass material is prone to scratches. So, choose the material carefully. For instance, if you are looking for a desk that can enhance the appearance of your room, then a glass desk will be suitable.

What makes it a gaming desk? ›

They're often L-shaped or curved to allow the gamer to have parts of their set-up at their sides. They are also usually multi-level for easy access to items. Essentially, gaming desks are meant to enhance comfort so gamers can sit at them for hours without getting sore or feeling strained.

What do geek girls wear? ›

The style celebrates clothing and accessories that are classically nerdy, like glasses, blazers, ties, and collared shirts. By mixing and matching different accessories, colors, patterns, and styles, it's easy to create your own unique geek chic look.

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Bowling shoes or ill-fitting saddle shoes are a must for nerd wannabes. Black sneakers are also geeky shoes that will complement your nerd ensemble.

What would a geek wear? ›

A simple crew or V-neck sweater is a staple of nerdy style. It can be styled to look casual, like with jeans, or dressed up, like with dress pants or a skirt. If you don't like sweaters, hoodies are another popular option for nerdy style. You can wear a fitted zip hoodie over a button-down and skinny pants.

Why are gaming desks so small? ›

Because this gives you a proper vision and helps you maintain your vision healthily. Anything lesser could impact your vision over some time. This distance also helps you to keep your neck and back straight. Another varying factor of a gaming desk dimension is the size of the monitor.

How much room is needed for a game table? ›

You will need at least 5 ft. clear around the table and next to walls with an addition of 2 ft. or more when placed next to other furnishings such as another game table. Considering the overall size of the pool table and the area required to function, you may need as much as 300 square feet dedicated to it.

Why are gaming table recessed? ›

The main difference between a typical table and a board gaming table is the recessed play area and felt table topper. The recessed tabletop helps to keep dice, cards, and other gaming items on the table.

How should I sit at my desk while gaming? ›

Try to keep your lower back pressed against the chair. Sitting away from the back rest may lead to a slouched position. Sitting upright or with the chair slightly reclined takes pressure off the discs in your back and will help reduce the risk for lower crossed syndrome and sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

How much weight can a gaming desk hold? ›

Weight Capacity

A gaming desk should be able to carry at least 100 pounds of weight. That's about the average weight of a gaming setup with just one monitor. But ideally, you should choose a gaming desk that can carry 300 pounds or more. That's enough for multiple monitors, speakers, and even your PC.

Is PC water cooling worth it? ›

The flashier option for temperature management, liquid cooling offers incredible performance combined with a visual appeal that no other cooling system can match. In these systems, liquid (typically water) transfers heat away from components and is generally much better at heat management than air alone.

Is building a gaming PC cheaper? ›

Building a PC will actually save you money in the long run, because you will likely not need to replace or repair components as often as with a pre-built.

How much does a PC cost? ›

Budget Breakdown

In this budget-range, we'd recommend spending between $600 and $800 for a solid 1080p-oriented gaming PC build. For a Mid-Range system, the CPU you should aim for will be either an i5 or Ryzen 5 processor.

Is it safe to put a TV on the floor? ›

Never Lay it Flat

They're designed so the weight is evenly distributed when they're standing up. If laid down, they're no longer balanced, so gravity can pull the edges down. Then, potentially, the screen will crack.

Will a monitor arm hold a TV? ›

If the monitor mount passes the specific standards, you will be able to use it in lieu of the TV mount. The standards are as follows: The display mount should have four or more screw holes on the back. It also should have the square pattern located at the center of the active area.

Can you put a TV on a glass table? ›

Wood, metal, and even glass tables tend to be the sturdiest options, so if you don't have a table yet, you may want to consider one of those materials for your TV.

How do you make a terrain in D&amp D? ›

Get Started with Modular D&D Terrain - 5 Things to Build First! - YouTube

Can you create your own world in Dungeons and Dragons? ›

To create a world in Dungeons and Dragons, start by deciding on a scope and approach. If you want a big, sprawling world, start by designing a continent. If you want to focus on the town the characters are in, start there instead. Then, you can start adding towns, states, hierarchies, and political structures.

Can you play Dungeons and Dragons without a board? ›

Dungeons and Dragons is traditionally played on a tabletop, with paper and dice. The books can get expensive, but the basics are available online for free. The average player does not actually have to purchase anything, as the DM is in charge of creating the game. Find a dice substitute.

What desk do pro gamers use? ›

List of the Best Gaming Desks
  • Mr Ironstone L-Shaped Desk 50.8 Inch.
  • GreenForest L Shaped Gamer Desk.
  • Casaottima L Shaped Gamer Desk.
  • Vitesse Gaming Desk 55 inch.
  • Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Gaming Desk.
  • Atlantic Original Gaming Desk-44.8 inches wide.
  • VIT Gaming Desk.
  • Homall Gaming Desk 44 Inch.
24 Sept 2022

Is 55 inches good for a gaming desk? ›

The 55-inch-wide by 24-inch-deep surface area is large enough to set up plenty of gaming equipment, and the durable steel frame with adjustable leveling feet sits on a wide base. Get the Stand Steady standing gaming desk on Amazon.

How do you build a gaming desk? ›

Building My Custom Gaming Desk - YouTube

Is a 40 inch desk good for gaming? ›

Who it's for: Gamers who don't have a lot of space for their gaming setup. Why we picked the Desino 40-inch desk: Desino makes a wide range of gaming desks, but we think its 40-inch one is a great choice because of its compact size.

How big of a desk do you need for 3 monitors? ›

here's a quick explanation about the size of the desk for 2 or 3 monitors: The desk should be at least 56” wide and 28” deep to fit two monitors, and for three monitors standing side by side, it should be at least 66” wide and 32” deep to fit three 24” monitors and also a few other accessories.

Can you write on a gaming desk? ›

A gaming desk is a great way to add a little extra style to your home office. It's also a great way to enhance your gaming experience by keeping you organized and comfortable. A gaming desk can be used for more than just gaming, too. You can use it for homework, writing, or even working on your latest novel.

What is a game table? ›

1 : a table that is designed especially for gambling and that often has depressions for counters and designs painted, inlaid, or in needlework appropriate to gaming. 2 : a table where gambling games are played.

Why are gaming tables recessed? ›

The main difference between a typical table and a board gaming table is the recessed play area and felt table topper. The recessed tabletop helps to keep dice, cards, and other gaming items on the table.

How do you make a table at home? ›

How to Make a Dining Table | Easy Woodworking Project - YouTube

How many games are in a table? ›

A match is played best 3 of 5 games.

How do you play Tawla? ›

Each player starts with two checkers on the opponent's one-point, five checkers on the opponent's twelve-point, three checkers on their own eight-point, and five checkers on their own six point. Object: The object of the game is to move all of your checkers into your own home board and then bear them off.

How do you play Sheshbesh? ›

Object: The object of the game is to move all of your checkers around the board to your own home table and then bear them off. The first player to bear off all of his checkers wins the game. To start: Both players roll one die and the higher roller goes first. Then that player rolls the dice again to begin his turn.

How deep is a gaming table? ›

Standard gaming desks are 20" – 30" deep, but deep gaming desks with depths of over 30" are also available.

How do you make a Scandinavian table? ›

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How do you make a plank table? ›

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